Fiat Seicento Takes A Real Beating From Volvo XC70

Back when EuroNCAP first crash-tested the Fiat Seicento 16 years ago, the car “walked away” with a 1 1/2-star rating, which leads us to think that the back of this Volvo XC70 might as well have been a brick wall.

According to the owner of the XC70, he was in the process of slowing down when the Seicento slammed into him, resulting in heavy damage – but only to the small Italian hatchback. Thankfully, both occupants of the Fiat were OK.

The lack of damage on the Volvo might lead you to suspect that lives were never in any danger here, but according to EuroNCAP, a Seicento driver’s survival space can be “compromised by the collapse of the passenger compartment which contributed to the driver’s chest contacting the steering wheel.”

The same tests also revealed that “the knee impact area was aggressive and the feet were endangered by the brake pedal movement. The passenger’s head also contacted the center console.”

By the looks of it, the Seicento isn’t exactly the safest car money can buy, whereas the Volvo XC70 sits comfortably at the other end of the spectrum. At least it did back in the late 2000s. And yes, the impact was front-to-back so those little scrapes and dents on the Volvo’s rear bumper are far from being as revealing as what remains of that Fiat’s front end.


  • Kash

    so the Volvo needs a new bumper and that’s if you really care about the looks, the Fiat needs a hope, prayer, and low enough mileage so it doesn’t get totalled out.

    • Miknik

      The fiat is totaled, no question, Airbags deployed, and its at least 10 years old.

      But, to be fair, the bumper looks scratched, but there could still be damage behind it. had a similar rear ender once, and whilst the visual damage was minor, there were quite some parts damaged behind the bumper, and even the whole rear traverse structure holding the trunk lock had to get straigthened (it was slightly bent by no more than half a mm, but still, the trunk lid needed much more of a swing to shut. Iw was not my money, but damage was approx. 10k EUR never the less….

      • Sam77

        I agree, the damage will be all in the floor of the Volvo. I know someone in a similar situation, he got rear ended and even though the damage looked superficial, when the car was taken to a workshop, it was discovered the damage was caused to the boot floor, etc. It was quiet a lot of damage.

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    What I find funny is that people are surprised with Fiat’s build quality or major lack there of. The Fiat would do this if it crashed into a soccer ball.

    • Jazzman

      The Seicento was an old car with poor crash, but most new Fiats have very good crash safety.

      In general, you sound pretty ignorant though…

    • Dariush

      this car is based on a project from the mid `80s…what did u expect?

  • Przemix

    nice example of properly working crumple zone. It’s how it works, isnt it?

  • Lottaquokka

    Surprised it wasn’t a fatal in the Fiat….

  • dj_aris

    While the little Fiat isn’t what we call a safe car, have in mind that all cars have a lot of things to break in the front. Also, the Volvo is much taller and while breaking hard the Volvo tail is lifted while the Fiat nose dives.

    Something very similar happened to me once, driving a Seat Toledo: a Nissan rear ended me and almost destroyed all of his front, while the only damage to the Seat’s bumper was a dent, it didn’t even crack. Luckily no one was injured as well. In the rear drivers defense, Toledo MK1 had terrible braking lights.

  • Miknik

    The Seicento is probably one of the “softest” modern cars, and the Volvo’s rised ride height also helped to make things worse for the small car.

    but, generally, cars are much softer up front than back, especially cars with a 7 seat option like the Volvo) to protect rear passengers vs. protecting pedestrians, and the combination of ride height/diving at breaking doesn’t help the car at the back either, as it hits a hard structure (bumper) with a soft structure (hood/head lamps)

  • TheHake

    I reckon the monetary damage on the Volvo is more than on the Fiat…

  • Aurelink
  • psiqtas

    Small, lightweight car not much steel tiny engine…not impressive that damage at all if You ask me, but the case would be worse for Volvo if it had been similar category of a car or at least size/weight…

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