2017 Subaru BRZ Vs 2017 Toyota 86: Which One Do You Like More And Why?

This fall, we’ll see the updated, and in the case of North America’s Scion FR-S, renamed and rebadged, versions of the Toyobaru coupes, the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86.

Just like the current iterations, the facelifted models are fundamentally the same car with the same basic body, transmissions, platform and engine, somewhat differing in styling details and equipment levels. There’s a question of whether they’ll have any differences in their suspension and steering settings, but even if they do, they’ll probably be too subtle for most drivers to notice on the road.

It will be a while before we drive them, but seeing the two cars in pictures, Subaru’s 2017 BRZ continues to give the impression of having a slightly more mature face than the more playful Toyota 86. Otherwise, it’s just nitpicking details like the different headlamp fixtures, the 86’s two vs the BRZ’s single strake fender vent, and the BRZ’s standard aluminum boot spoiler.

It’s a similar story inside with the two models differing only in trims, standard and extra features, colors, badges, infotainment systems and instrument panel graphics. Speaking of the instrument cluster, while the pictured 86 lacks the press photo BRZ’s 4.2-in LCD multifunction display on the right side, the latter is standard only on the Limited trim, which will likely be the case with the Toyota model too.

As a quick refresher, both the BRZ and 86 get a revised chassis, an extra 5hp and 5 lb-ft on the 6-speed manual models pushing output to 205hp and and 156 lb-ft of torque (automatic cars keep the same 200hp and 151 lb-ft engine as before), and a new steering wheel with updated controls.

Having said all that, we wonder if there’s even a point in asking you whether you like one more than the other, but you can tell us either way.

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  • Bo Hanan

    Both would get their 205HP ass kicked by any driver in a “energetically-driven” Hyundai Veloster Turbo.

    • Kenneth

      Pure RWD sports cars on a road course (what sports cars are designed for) would be beaten by a 201 hp (“says Hyundai”), front-wheel-drive, Veloster oddity? So, how are things on your planet?

      • Bo Hanan

        On an open road course I would still take the Hyundai. FWD and all.
        P.S. I had a 99 BMW 540i 6-Speed with 196K Miles. On the morning I sold the car
        I raced a guy (in the Scion version of this car) up a 360 degree on-ramp. I blew him
        away. He started going sideways before he slammed on his brakes. I hit V-Max on
        the straight. Not sure where he ended up. And yes I was playing with 300HP, but-
        I was also hauling an extra 1000lbs and almost 200K miles of wear.

        • Kenneth

          Would you really rather OWN a Hyundai Veloster? Be my guest…

          • Bo Hanan

            If the choice were between the 3 cars (on an open track) I’d take the Hyundai.
            Wouldn’t own any of them. Happy FJ & M5 owner here.

    • Bash

      Totally agree !!

    • eb110americana

      If you think the Hyundai Veloster, even the turbo, belongs in the same sentence as “sporty,” then you are delusional. I have driven both trims. It is not. It looks much more outgoing and sporty than something like a Golf, but it is a standard runabout with an optional turbo. Even the dual clutch is designed with fuel economy in mind, rather than fun.

    • Richard Houlton

      In a straight line….yes

    • Aimi Hazuki

      Yet another peasant comparing cars based on “which one is faster”, I guess the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer? … tbh, you will probably never comprehend the potential of this car, and I doubt you’d ever appreciate the beauty of its engineering… D4S Boxer engine, Aisin transmission, Torsen LSD and all inside a 2700-lb RWD nimble navigator offering one of the lowest centers of gravity in a sports car… and if that doesn’t open up your narrow mind, take the car to an empty parking lot, perform the cult-inspiring brake dance sequence, and unlock its hidden drift mode…

      But no, you’d much rather own an average Elantra derivative with heated steering and drive assist correct? Just goes to show how little people know about cars nowadays… For you my friend, I recommend the Kia Forte Koup… don’t worry, it comes with optional TURBO, so it’s definitely wayyy better than the 86!!!

  • stelvio

    I like the 86’s more aggressive front end now, it was the opposite before

    • Zed68

      Weren’t they strictly identical before ?

    • Six_Tymes

      same here, but I might feel differently when compared in person.

  • TheBelltower

    Subaru. Because I would never want anything with a Toyota logo on it.

    • Theo Truthe

      lol. And… when you open the hood of the Subaru and see the Toyota logo on the top if the engine, hope you don’t puke.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Well, the engine is a Subaru unit so I’m not sure why you’d expect a Toyota logo there…

        • David Wales

          There is indeed a toyota logo on the BRZ’s engine.
          Source: my one

          • Six Thousand Times

            Well, your Subaru boxer engine is running Toyota’s D-4S injection system hence that emblem.

      • Zack Kastler

        Actually Toyota and Subaru work together on building the BRZ as well as the 86. When you pop the hood on both vehicles, the Subaru and the Toyota logo will be displayed on both engines. They are the same car, with different badges and exterior.
        Zack Kastler
        Sales and Leasing
        Tim’s Auto Group

  • Honda NSX-R

    Subaru BRZ hands down. The front bumper on the 86 looks terrible. I also like the interior and wheels of the BRZ better

  • britansgermanysAfrica

    With this one were going to just have to go with the Brand LEGACY!! (non Subaru) Toyota made the supra,AE86,Celica,Mr2 & Ect Why is this even a topic? Can I go to sleep now?

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Nothing much in it but the front apron on the Toyota is way too fussy.

  • Braddo

    neither. they both look like 90’s models.

  • Liam Paul

    So the question is which of the same car do I like, nither . both are way under power and I don’t think the car looks all that great. I would buy an Hyundai Genesis coupé track before these two flashy go no where cars

    • Brz

      Lol… Where is that Han meme about letting you roll in a Hyundai

  • Vassilis

    The Subaru for sure.


    My grandma in her 2016 Honda Civic EX Turbo 4 door Sedan would blow both cars away..

    • Trackhacker

      And who cares exactly? Grandma probably never even floors it. In fact 99% of drivers never floor it in everyday driving. So having that super fast car makes no difference in the real world. Only on the internet. But than again, since this is the internet, the 86/BRZ are faster because they have a bigger HP #….you feel me?

      • NEO ISON

        Hahahaaaa Grow some and buy a real car.. lol

        • Trackhacker

          It’s a manual rear wheel drive car….the civic is a CVT front wheel drive car….are you even a car guy?

          Anyway, you go have fun in whatever car you own, if you even own one and red line it everywhere to make yourself feel better at night.

          • NEO ISON

            My point is a 2016 Civic EXT at 22k is faster in every way. It can be driven year round in various climates and has a wider audience resale value. Sleep tight don’t let the residual bite. 😉

          • John Maplebar Barg

            on paper, and maybe even in real life, but have you every actually driven one? I sold my evo V for it, the evo is faster in every. single. catigory and although there are several reasons for the sale I honesly have just as much or more fun driving my slow car fast, the feel of the thing is something that can not be replicated at anywhere near its price point, and THAT is the true meaning of christmas

          • smartacus

            no he is not a car guy.
            But he is insecure of his manhood the way he keeps bringing it into conversations.

          • andygoblue

            Nah, he just lives his life a 1/4 mile, from one stoplight to the next, at a time.

    • Xavier Sanchez_DJ215

      LOL Grandma b chillin …Good 4 her. a 2016 a very nice ride, the civic.that is, as the toyota corolla(1 of my sis have one)21. it ride and look great, and my older sister 30s/40s has HONDA 2017 civic,and prior a 2014 and 2016.

  • roysayak1

    dunno …really confusing

  • Evo45

    Subaru BRZ looks better than GT86 to me. It looks more fresh and basic (in a good way) however.

    • Trackhacker

      Yeah, they kept the original lines and tweaked them while retaining what made the original nice. Toyota just went crazy in my opinion and were chasing to make the cars front match there lineup .

  • subaru ….

  • I own the Toyota so I’m a bit too biased.

  • Vanishing Boy

    -> I’d get the Subaru by default, give credit to the ones who engineered the car the most. Plus its a more attractive option.

    • Trackhacker

      Technically, it’s a joint venture, so it doesn’t matter which one you buy. They both get profits. But i do agree, i you look under the toyota, everything is Subaru labelled lol

    • T-Bone

      Toyota engineered the car/engine and asked Subaru to join in the development. Subaru resisted initially because it is RWD instead of their usual AWD. Subaru (partially owned by Toyota) builds them.

      • Lucas McNea

        Toyota own 12% of Subaru’s parent company…they actually forced them to help production.

      • wm1

        Toyota engineered a 4 cyl flat boxer and then asked Subaru to join… yeah, right…

  • Patrick Montgomery

    Unfortunately the interior photos aren’t comparable; BRZ has a good photo of the controls and GT86 photo is the steering wheel. So I have to reserve judgement until I could drive both cars. They won’t be out until 2017 so NOONE on here has any experience of either car. Having said that the BRZ front styling, which I prefer, is less batmobile-like.

  • Dennis James

    All show and no go. I have seen exactly one of these in my country in the last 3 years.

    • Trackhacker

      Where are you planning to go? The moon? It’s plenty enough for daily driving and track.

  • WTF

    2 Slow pseudo sports cars that look identical, who cares. Neither is as fast as anything that costs as much as they do, they both have questionable interior quality, and the lazy designers made them look exactly alike it would take a fan of these slower than a Camry sports cars to tell the difference whats the point, the cars are jokes lol

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      Try a mountain road or a series of bends and undulations and you’ll realise what these cars are for.
      They aren’t for America’s straight highways.

      • Theo Truthe

        Yawn, these cars are boring. Give me a 99 Celica/Supra and then we’re talking.

        • Six Thousand Times

          Weird choice of year. If you’re in Europe/NA, a ’99 Supra will be a little hard to come by.

        • Obsequious Lickspittle

          What did you think of the handling when you drove one in the scenarios I suggested?

  • Trackhacker

    I’m a bigger fan of the 1st gen 86. That car looked properly classy. The BRZ was nice, but didn’t like that front end. The 2nd gen, Toyota ruined the 86 exterior, looks so bad! The BRZ is clearly the winner for 2nd gen. However this is my opinion, looks are subjective, so no right or wrong opinion.

  • Theo Truthe

    Who in their right mind would roll in a Hyundai/Kia anything? Both are POS.

    • Six Thousand Times

      You might change your mind once you start driving. 😉

  • lee

    Hi, I,m 60 owned 85 cars. all considered the Toyota first, driver experience over extra $ for Subaru. Hyundai cheap build. end of story

  • Tim

    To be honest it doesn’t really matter which one you choose because in the end they are the same car with different badges slapped on to them. I do understand a lot of you going with Subaru because they have made a name for them selves by creating amazing cars such as the AWD WRX STI and what not so its not surprising when people are biased towards one company over the other but, Toyota on the other hand has created some of the most iconic cars ever to be created and seeing Toyota bringing the 86 to North America is pretty astonishing since Toyota has not released a sports car with its logo in north america since the days of the MR2 and Supra but I digress. Anyways me being hyped up for the Toyota 86 I’ve already made my decision to go with Toyota but there are some things i like about the BRZ more and that is the head lights and the fact the BRZ comes with Brembo brakes but seeing as they are similar in all ways I’m pretty sure I could just buy the Brz headlights and Brembos and just slap them on to the 86

  • ffejufo

    The brz wins they cost the same now and the 86 is bare bones. Brz has spoiler, fog lights,proximity key with push button start, automatic dual-zone climate control, heated front seats that are black leather with alcantara, multi display on cluster with steering wheel controls, better stereo head unit. 86 has none of these features but cost the same as the brz why?

  • Tom Abbott

    Why is the torque so low on this car? Fiat 500 abarth has more torque (Not that I want one)

  • scuba steve

    The 2017 BRZ looks a lot more sporty than the 2016 altho I would not change mine for it, only take the spoiler and tail lights, as for the 86, I did not like the 2016 and the same for the 2017, it looks too much like a whale shark. the interior’s are almost the same but I feel as the BRZ has more life in it, the same for the way it drives.

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