Airbag Vest Does Its Job During Motorcycle Crash

Crashing your motorcycle can be a horrific experience, especially if you happen to find yourself needing more protection than just a regular helmet and pads.

Luckily there’s something called the Helite Airbag vest and it’s made to protect vital organs from impact damage by deploying in as little as 80ms. Even more, the vest can be reset after it has deployed as long as you have a new CO2 cartridge on you.

There are of course plenty of reasons and scenarios in which a person could use such a product and this video captures one such scenario, where the rider veered too much and hit the bank on the side of the road, getting himself thrown off his bike.

In many ways, he was very lucky there weren’t any hard or jagged surfaces around. His survival instincts helped him get right back up on his feet and acknowledge to himself the fact that the vest saved him.

While that’s hard to know for a fact, let’s just say that the vest definitely helped – and that bikers everywhere should consider wearing something like this if safety is their number one concern – as it should be.


  • TheHake

    Looks staged…

  • danno

    Driving (too) fast, roads look a little slick due to fog, hit the front brake and understeered into the shoulder.

    • Sébastien

      Also confirmed he was looking at the wrong place: with bikes you always go where you look at (so always look at the exit of a curve! not the sides)

  • Benjamin Corcoran

    Maybe the airbag vest wouldn’t have been necessary if the lunatic rider hadn’t been speeding.

  • kachuks

    Anybody see that episode of BB where Jesse Pinkman blows up the lab suit with compressed air?

  • Joe Mosely

    Most likely the vest caused the accident by restricting his upper body movements. You can see that it is a nice gentle curve and he is unable to get his bike to lean over hardly at all. Nor was he able to recover once he began to go wide. They might need to re-engineer the design of the vest so that it is less prone to cause difficulty controlling the bike not only during routine maneuvers as presented here but also in more challenging situations likely to be encountered.

    • Or maybe he’s a regular guy that didn’t react like a professionnal biker. It’s not because you know how to react when you loose control of a vehicule that you’ll do it when the time comes.

      I saved myself from crashes on two and four wheels several times, and I also hurt myself with small stupid mistakes. Not a Pro just a regular guy.

      • Joe Mosely

        Do you work for the vest company? Admit it. You do not need to be a professional biker to negotiate that corner in the video and you definitely shouldn’t be HS’n it. If folks think that is a regular part of riding then they need to get some training because their destiny is being maimed, crippled or killed. Or they need to quit riding. Technology won’t save them. This vest will not save them from themselves. If they think it is a regular part of riding to crash in this corner like that they should give up riding.
        Regular guys can and do negotiate these types of corners at much faster pacing without a get off like this. I agree with TheHake that this looks staged. I suppose there are in fact nincompoops like this out there riding around but I find it hard to believe. I suppose the vest could have restricted his movement enough to upset the weight transfer and cause the bike to catapult him off. Or the vest might have inflated a nanosecond too early and ejected him off the bike into the weeds.

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