Angry Cheated Woman Vandalizes Range Rover In Central London

For those on the receiving end, messing around with a cheater’s car is one of the most satisfying ways of getting revenge.

A white modified Range Rover Revere was vandalized with red spray paint near Harrods in London on Wednesday with phrases like “Cheater”, “It’s over” and “Hope she was worth it” decorating various body panels.

There are many cases of cheated women releasing their fury on their man’s ride but the location of this one was the reason why it spread like wildfire.

With the car parked on one of the busiest roads in the planet, it didn’t take long for the message to go viral on social media, letting everyone know that the owner is a cheater and his ex a really crazy and angry woman.

We still don’t know if she used a permanent paint for maximum revenge points; nevertheless her goal was achieved and the message is spread: being unfaithful doesn’t bond well with craziness.

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