Bikers Pop Wheelies And Taunt Cop Car, But Karma Hits Them In The Ass

A large group of motorcyclists were filmed via headcams pulling wheelies and taunting a Sheriff’s Deputy Dodge Charger patrol car near Springfield in Missouri, but in the end, two of them got what they ultimately deserved.

The YouTube video from ‘JOHNNYSTUNTS’ titled “Crazy Streetbiker Wheelies Past Cop, Gets Chased, Then Crashes” was posted Sunday and starts with a number of bikers pulling stunts at high-speeds, completely unfazed by the patrol car parked in the medium.

The officer went after them keeping a reasonable distance (given the circumstances) without trying to endanger their lives, but the motorcyclists basically ganged up around the car and continued their shenanigans. We’ve seen cops act a whole lot worse for a whole lot less, so kudos to this deputy for keeping his cool.

And then it happened; one of the bikers tried to troll the cop by swerving in front of him and forcing his car to abruptly maneuver to the left, but as he slowed down, another motorcyclist who wasn’t paying attention turned sharply and crashed into the same biker!

One of the headcams caught the cop having the same exact grin on his face as you probably did upon watching this play out. The guy with the camera was then yelling for someone to pick up one of the crashed bikes, but it didn’t seem to be turning on.

None of the two motorcyclists appear to be hurt. It’s not known if any of the bikers were charged, arrested or ticketed.


  • Peter

    Number plates optional on bikes in the US?

    • Galaxium

      only if you want to break laws

    • europeon

      Aren’t they optional allover the world? 🙂

  • Smith

    This is the most ridiculous display of disrespect and ignorance. Police should have thrown down spike belts all across the highway and arrested everyone of them. This is total out of control gang style crap that should be stopped with extreme force.

    • javier

      spike belts for motos? you sir are a complete dick

      • VW_Freak

        What U like @javier? Dick?
        c’mon, those bikers are so stupid as you!

      • Karl

        You should be arrested just for being stupid! Bikers like these are a menace to society,I hope they were all prosecuted to the full extent the law allows! What a bunch of idiots!

      • Nah, two strips of spike belts, that would be mean.

    • Big Black Duck

      Max Max 2..???

  • Six_Tymes

    Its effed up that so many are proud to be A HOLES. pea brains.

  • mb4design

    Felony stupid.

  • GRacer74

    They should have tazzered the crap out of those POS’s.

  • Knuckle Buck

    Like at 2:43 dude tries to kick the cop’s side mirror when he passes on the driver’s side. Amazing the cop didn’t appear ballistic when he got out of his cruiser…kudos to him for what looks like him keeping a level head.

    • Big Black Duck

      they would be if they were black riders…

      • blacks only ride in cadillacs, bro

        • PB

          Escalades. Complete with EBT rims nomesane?

        • Karl

          Another stupid comment!

          • Thanks for your approval

          • Karl

            Another another stupid comment Edgar Alan Poe!

  • kachuks

    And all of a sudden the outlaw, rebel bikers became a pack of confused dorks right around 5:20.

  • KenjiK

    Meanwhile some “minorities” are being shot and killed for less than that.

  • psiqtas

    What a move form the police – bravo! 🙂

  • they had it coming…..

  • Craig

    A group often becomes like one. And sadly – more often than not – like ONE stupid person. It’s the mob mentality.

    • ChrisInIL

      Every single person in this group of riders chose to be stupid all on their own.

      • Craig

        No. They wouldn’t BE stupid if they were on their own.

        • ChrisInIL

          OK. I believe they acted they way they did intentionally. You believe they had no control of their actions.

          Which is worse?

          • Craig

            The line in the sand is much farther away with a mob than it is with an individual. You never see one person rioting. That said… don’t assume that by ‘no control’ I mean ‘not responsible’. There is always that moment we have a choice. It may be fleeting – but it’s there.

          • ChrisInIL

            The choice to behave one way or another does not ebb and flow based on the size of the crowd. That’s just an excuse people who don’t maintain control of their actions use when they make the wrong choice.

  • smartacus

    Control those bikers with the force of the law…because bikers and not illegal alien immigrants are the ones doing all the raping and murdering and disease spreading 🙂

  • InCotexM 3

    justice served but not for all..

  • Wandering_Spirit

    The fact a country mixes anarchy and authoritarianism as is occurring with worrying frequency in the US, is very telling about the state of affairs in that country. “Biker” like these, wouldn’t be tolerated in any other normal country because what they do is far from even being a crazy biker and widely crosses the border between being crazy and just being an inbred tool.

  • benT

    Pak O’Twats

  • hearsetrax

    given enough rope ,some people will hang them selves

  • Vassilis

    Karma is a b*tch indeed! Just like drivers though, there are many riders that are d*cks and there are many others that aren’t.

  • Bash

    HAHA, that smile on his face.. he is a winner..

  • Shobin Drogan

    that sheriff’s smile is the most priceless thing ive ever seen

  • eddie

    The vid is hilarious! Still, because of dumb shit like this we riders are now becoming targeted by law enforcement all over. Riders don’t ride in packs every day and now I see state troopers pulling over individual bikes all the time and on tow truck beds. Some of the most well known great rides are now littered with cops prevwnting us from racing some of the canyon roads where before this dumb shit we had a mutual respect.We obeyed high traffic area laws they let us enjoy our extreme riding areas.. Not anymore thanks to these morans!

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