New Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 To Use Naturally Aspirated 7.0-Liter V8

The next track-focused iteration of the Camaro is reportedly going to stick with naturally aspirated V8 power.

We’ve already seen and heard a very aggressive-looking prototype being driven around the Nurburgring, which eventually crashed onto the barriers. You don’t need a trained set of ears to understand that there is a naturally aspirated V8 breathing under there.

Motortrend has connected the dots for everyone to answer which powertrain is eventually going to power the new Z/28 and their answer is an updated version of the 7.0-litre V8 that powered the previous generation too.

It all makes sense: GM wants the car to remain naturally aspirated and to be special enough to take on the Ford Mustang GT350R. Power will be slightly increased from the 505hp it made for the last Z/28 to the region of 540 to 565hp, according to MT. This shall position the new car comfortably under the ZL1 and offer more horses than the GT350R.

Sources from Chevrolet have also said in the past that the 7.0-litre V8 will appear in one of their future cars, and if you think about it, the only model that makes sense using this engine is the next Z/28. The updated version of the LS7 engine could even switch its code name to LT7 to point out the technical differences in their new-gen track weapon.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops


  • Kash

    It only makes sense to stick to a natural engine in this.

    • benT

      imagine a 427 supercharged monster under there?
      to start the motor would be risking it tearing itself out of the engine bay……….
      still, GM have done that sort of thing and when they tried it on a Holden Monaro they found that is almost exactly what happened and could not make it work without 4WD which they ran (terrified) away from as there was no certainty it would operate effectively even on a race track.
      Something like this exists in the MotoGP with the Ducati Desmosedici whereby there is really only one bloke who could ride it – Casey Stoner. Not even V.Rossi could ride it properly so he went back to Yamahahahahahah.

  • Bash

    so why it wanna take on the Mustang GT350 specifically, what about the hellcat?

    • Kash

      The Hellcat is more of a ZL1/GT350 style car. Super powerful while still plush and comfy enough to ride in. the Z28 and GT350R are more track focused cars while still being road legal. Super stripped down and on an even stricter diet than before (The 350R is about 70lbs lighter than the 350). The GT350R for example has no backseat or AC.


        I would not compare the GT350 with the Zl1/Hellcats, leave it in the GT350R/Z28 group. Looking at MTs tests I’m sure that if the GT350 had Cup 2 tyre, it wouldnt be much slower than its R sibling. Mustang wise it should be the GT500, but I believe that this gen has so far seen that one red Supersnake, am I right?

        • Kash

          I thought about the Super Snake but it’s not a Ford project, it’s a Shelby one. it’s not something you can buy from Ford like the GT350/R. The more I look at the GT350 vs the 350R the more I question why both cars exist. the R is supposed to be a more hardcore/lighter version of the 350 right? At least that’s how I see it, but it’s barely quicker than the 350. I’d expect the R to be at least half a second to a full second faster than the 350 in every test. MT’s tests were 0.2 and 0.3 seconds different in the quarter mile and 0-60 and that’s with the 350 running on less grippy tires than the R.

          The more I think about it, the more I realize that Dodge goes for the ZL1 style of muscle car while Ford goes for the Z28 style and Chevy likes both. lol.

      • WTF

        Well the GT350 also though isnt any faster than a Camaro SS, unless Chevrolet is repositioning the z28 to be priced against the GT350 the Z28 will be more expensive than the ZL1 and any mustang produced. The GT350 to me is more of a 1LE competitor it doesnt have the power or numbers to hold its own against a more powerful and faster Z28……..and the Hellcat and ZL1 are more about ultimate power for each respective model

        • Kash

          that’s right! the 1LE is a thing. thank you! i completely forgot about that car.

        • donald seymour

          I see what you are talking about; however, we never really seen the 1LE stacked up against the GT350. And that is just the truth of the matter. So, I’m still sticking to the GT350 vs Z28 mix. I feel that is a more conservative approach for right now. If I’m wrong, then I will admit it.

      • Bash

        thanks man.. I find your comment useful.

      • donald seymour

        I beg the differ. The Hellcat should be seen as a GT (Grand Turing) model and no more. It is in a class of it’s own. Its a high power touring car that handles well for its size and that’s it. It’s not in the league with these types of cars. It’s in a league of it’s own. I dare to say that the only car to come close to the Hellcats in spec is the S-Class coupe. This is saying that the S-Class is a more sophisticated car then the Challenger; however, this is also saying that they’re both aimed for the touring market. And each one of them have their different niche within the touring market. One is sporty with a manual, and the other one is just simply plush. So, in other words that how I perceive the Hellcat Challenger.

    • Amaury Diaz

      Because the Z/28 is a track car and not a straight line boat cruiser. Camaro have the ZL1 trim to compete with the Hellcat.

  • smartacus

    ha! i knew it. The noise from the back can only have come from a 7.0 V8

  • Smallenpik

    A trip, east to west through my teeny weeny of a country (a round trip of 281 miles) would set you back about 170 dollar.
    That’s for gas only!
    (about 1/10 of an average income).
    That’s more expensive then flying 🙂

  • 911

    WTF, when they released the Z06 Corvette they said the 7.0l N/A couldn’t pass emissions or something and now it supposably comes back into the Camaro? Where’s the 7.0l Corvette???

    • Dennis James

      Maybe they hired someone from VW to help them this time 🙂

    • Status

      It’s not the same block. That was the old 7.0 LS. This is the new 7.0 LT.

  • Six_Tymes

    looking forward to seeing a full video review of this

  • Donald Ducko

    I’d buy a mustang over any Camaro all day every day. It’s the better more balanced car. You can actually see out of it. Your girlfriend wouldn’t mind driving it. All sorts of reasons. When you finally grow up or if you already have a decent sized one and don’t need a car to be an extension of your package you’ll go for the mustang too. I like the scoops and wings though. It’s cute. Can’t wait to see one sitting in traffic next to me or in the Walmart parking lot wishing he could do a donut if only the security cameras and local cop weren’t there to instantly raise his insurance 27%.

  • frankfan42

    Chevy was working on 3 valve heads for the small block, prior to intro of the new gen LT1. When will we see this technology spill over to production?

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