Harley Davidson Commits To Electric Motorcycle Within Five Years

It appears that electricity takes everything by storm, even one of the most iconic brands in the world.

Harley Davidson’s V-Twin (whether we’re talking about the Big or Small series) and Revolution engines have a distinctive burble to them, that sets the American bike maker apart. But riders might have to get used to the idea of a high-pitched whine Harley (not matter how outrageous it may…sound), because the company plans to roll out an all-electric product in the near future.

Having shown the LiveWire concept for two years now, Harley Davidson has finally committed to a timeline on producing an emissions-free motorcycle. Citing Senior Vice President of Global Demand Sean Cummings via the Milwaukee Business Journal, Asphalt & Rubber reports that the Milwaukee-based company will produce an electric bike within the next five years.

For now, details about the upcoming motorcycle are scarce, but it goes to show that Harley Davidson has a plan for the motoring business’ turning point, and a response to its rivals.

Even so, since the idea of an electric bike doesn’t necessarily line-up with the brand’s core values, nursed throughout its 113-year old heritage, only time will tell whether this approach will be key for Harley-Davidson’s success.

LiveWire concept pictured



  • Loud Pipes DO NOT Save Lives

    I’d love to own and will buy one right now!!! Harley-Davidson needs to evolve out of the Stone Age. The group that kept the old flame alive is finally passing-on and with them the old ways of H-D which has hurt H-D. The biggest hurdle with be surmounting the old H-D executive guard who need to retire and let new blood progress at the pace needed to stay current with the rest of the world. Build the damn bike—NOW!!!

  • mb4design

    So will it have some sort of sound system to make it disruptive to everyone within a quarter mile radius? How else will we know the rider is unique?

  • Joe Mosely

    It’s consistent with Harley’s heritage of building quiet long distance durable machines.

  • smartacus

    Now i don’t hafta hear my nephew crying when i commandeer his :p

  • kDawg

    awesome!! more reasons for soccer moms in a minivan to jump lanes and swipe you because they can’t see and hear your bike next to them.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Great move. You have to figure that the “Harley guys” are not going to be around too much longer and electric bikes are the future of motorcycling.

  • Vassilis

    Such a shame. The main purpose of electric vehicles is low emissions and fuel saving. Motorcycles don’t really suffer from those things and the whole point of riding is to take in the experience and the engine noise is part of it. I hope sportbike manufacturers don’t follow suit.