New Citroen C3 Leaked, Looks Like A Mini C4 Cactus

After being teased ahead it official debut on June 29, Citroen’s supermini surfaced online a day earlier than expected.

As presumed, the all new C3 borrows a lot of styling cues from its bigger siblings, especially from the C4 Cactus, as it can be seen from the trademarked airbumps body cladding, as well as from the intricate front fascia.

The rear end (along with the taillights) seems inspired by the upscale DS3 hatchback, with the C-pillar sporting a subtle stripe to induce the idea of a floating roof, while the profile of the car has adopted a more straight-forward, dynamic line.

The images, posted by Cocoric Auto, Autodato and elsewhere, also depict the vehicle with a two-tone color scheme, which the French automotive site says it’s available from a mix of nine colors for the bodywork and three for the roof.

And that’s not all, as the car reportedly throws a panoramic roof in the options list, and the ConnectedCam tech – an onboard HD camera that takes pictures and short videos of up to twenty seconds at a 120-degree angle. In case of an accident, it automatically records the occurrence. Other safety features include both the optional lane departure and blind spot warning.

Rumored to have a boot capacity of up to 300 liters, the car measures 3.99 meters (13 feet) in length, 1.75 meters (5.7 feet) in width and 1.47 (4.8) in height.

We expect to find out more about it, including powertrain availability, tomorrow when the C3 officially debuts, but 3 and 4-cylinder petrol and BlueHDi diesel units are expected.

Thanks to Dave and Adrian for the tip!


  • That Ross Chap

    Whilst I like the bold aesthetic of the C4 Cactus and how they are bringing it into new models it doesn’t meld well with the more curvacious rear and overall look of this model. I can’t properly judge until I see it in the metal but it just seems like this C3 does not work quite as well as it’s larger brother.

  • Mind Synthetic

    Vive la France

  • Mike Gonzalez

    looks like the old C3 got an identity crisis. not that it never was there, but now it’s very evident… are they going to use the side airbumps on every single model from now on? cuz i really do not want to see the next C5 with that thing sticked all over the sides. it should be reserved only for crossover variants

  • Six Thousand Times

    Not completely successful but good in a weird way. Or is it weird in a good way?

  • fabri99

    Eh, the rear end seems a bit bland. I like this new design language, but it doesn’t suit any type of car and therefore they shouldn’t abuse it.

  • Are they gonna use the 10 years old platform or a new one?

    • haudit

      Same PF1 platform as the current C3, Peugeot 208 and DS 3. Their new small car platform won’t be ready until 2018.

      • What a shame, looks quite difficult to find a B-segment with a decent/newish platform…

  • Evo45

    Yet again a ugly Citroen. I wish they would make a better looking C3 🙁

  • alexxx

    right now,the french are best designers…i like current reanult,peugeot and citroen designs…

  • Sébastien
  • Why Cactus!!!

  • Julien Lachemoi

    I love it ! If it’s lighter than the actual C3 it’ll be a hit in my book.

  • Ilbirs

    Let’s comment:

    1) There’s the curiosity of this being made on the PF1 platform, the same one used on the two previous generations, obviously with important improvements. This just proves how PSA was competent when designing this base, that stands well the years passing;

    2) This Citroën’s identity that began in the C4 Picasso and continued on the Cactus and the C1 fits well the brand proposal, as we expect Citroëns to be weird designed. What we can say about this is that the weirdness was slightly systemized but not meaning repetitiveness as we would see in other brands:,_4._Mai_2014,_D%C3%BCsseldorf.jpg

    3) Judging by the dimensions, maybe this new C3 can be to PSA what the Sandero is to Renault-Nissan, as Citroën in PSA’s portfolio is being directed to act a little bit like Dacia, with Peugeot in the middle and DS in the top;

    4) I liked the simple but nice interior and the shape of the central vents with those round-edged rectangles. Maybe there’s something in their that allows a single vent to direct the flux both for the front and rear rows. You can see that each central vent has two round-edged rectangles, meaning that maybe they are capable of having two directions for the flow that comes through them;

    5) Maybe PSA learned a thing or two with the Cactus and the C1. Seeing the interior picture I see four power window switches on the driver’s side, meaning that the guys noticed that people don’t like rear windows that don’t roll down in four door cars;

    6) Now we must wait for the rest of the specs. As it’s a PF1, a lot of things can be anticipated by what we already see in other models that ride on the base. I guess we can wait for the EAT6 automatic transmission, as can be seen in DS3 and 208, and also some Puretech engines.

    • David

      1) Actually the C3 should have been made with a shared platform with Opel but things turned out wrong… So PSA had to use their “old” platform, they couldn’t wait for 2018 when the new platform will be out (the next Peugeot 208 will be the first riding on it). That’s also the reason why the newt DS3 is “delayed” until 2018…

      2) Completely agree, Citroën CEO said that their cars should be either loved or hate but not “boring”. They have to stand out against the crowd.

      3) No no and no ! PSA’s objectives are not to make the Citroën a rival of Skoda or even worse Dacia. Their cars are going to be “fun” and “cool” to drive with, that’s all. DS would love to compete against Audi, Peugeot with Volkswagen but Citroën against what ? That’s their big issue at the moment but they will never go the “low-cost” way.

      4) Simple interior à la Cactus, also a big fan 😉

      5) Yep totally !

      6) Expect the same engines as found in the 208 + some cool tech 😉

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • Fling3t

    Make a special Vts version of it and I will save up and buy it 😀

  • Six_Tymes

    Love it, looks fantastic

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