All-New Volkswagen Crafter Teased In Official Sketches

A new generation of Volkswagen’s large van, the Crafter, is on its way 10 years after the original was introduced.

Teased in an official set of sketches, the vehicle reveals the brand’s new design language and promises improved functionality and better quality materials.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ T-Series, the ‘Bulli’, is effectively being given a ‘big brother’ through the introduction of the new Crafter. With the Crafter, a level of surface quality, robustness and the same time high qualitative value are achieved that have never before been available in this commercial vehicle class“, said the Head of Design at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Albert-Johann Kirzinger.

For the development of the latest iteration of the Crafter, VW’s engineers have worked closely with owners of the current version, accompanying them in their daily routines, listening to their “visions” and allowing them to shape up the next model.

The vehicle is entirely new, as the manufacturer states, benefits from a best in class drag coefficient of 0.33, and optimizes cargo space. As for its presentation date, this has yet to be announced, but Volkswagen will offer it on sale starting this fall.


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