Despite Autopilot Crash, Tesla Owners Continue To Relax And Play Games Behind The Wheel

An increasing number of Tesla owners have started posting videos online showing them relaxing and even playing games while their cars operate in autopilot mode.

Despite the fact that autopilot is still in its beta stages and according to Tesla, requires the driver to be ready to take control at any time, that hasn’t dissuaded some owners from reading books, playing patty cake, having arm wrestling matches and even sleeping, letting the car do all the work.

Inside Edition collated a number of these videos just after a second serious crash reportedly caused by autopilot occurred in Pennsylvania and just a month after one driver was killed by what is being said to be an autopilot failure.

Among the videos is one of a Tesla owner sitting in the passenger seat while the car cruises along the motorway at 70 mph (112 km/h). Despite being aware of the dangers, the driver told the publication that he has a lot of faith in the system.

One thing many Tesla owners seem to be forgetting is that the autopilot system doesn’t turn the automaker’s products into fully autonomous cars. There are a plethora of videos online showing the system failing to detect objects and other cars on the road, hence why Tesla asserts that owners must remain alert and present when operating autopilot.


  • Craig

    Of course. Most people are stupid. It is WHY I am against ‘autopilot cars’. Just wait. More people will be killed and Tesla [and others] will be sued. And why not? It’s not the driver’s fault. The CAR didn’t stop!

    • Kash

      I dunno, Tesla’s pretty savvy about covering their legal arse, but yeah someone else is gonna die, but these videos were done mostly for the “look at us in our luxury cars using luxury tech!”

    • MrPC

      I doubt there are a lot of stupid Tesla owners, but they sure are trusting of a new and incomplete technology. Isn’t taking a nap while “driving” illegal in most places?

      • Zandit75

        Being rich and pompous is not the same as being smart

  • Honda NSX-R


    • LeftLanePrius

      Just rich people showing how they have money.

  • kDawg

    ok.. Tesla made autopilot so people can pilot the autopilot by driving the autopilot while the autopilot is driving.. useless


  • BlackPegasus

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • donald seymour

      I’m laughing at your comment.

  • simon gray

    There is a mountain of difference between a car designed from the onset to be autonomous and one designed to have an assisted driving mode. I reckon if a car has a steering wheel, then you are meant to use it.

  • Holmer_k

    A video like this should be evidence enough for a reckless driving charge at the very least. Where’s a cop when you need one?

    • smartacus

      i was just thinking the same thing

  • roy

    And now if any accident occurs due to autopilot then it’s Tesla’s felt isn’t it?

  • Axiom Ethos

    Sorry but atleast a few of these videos did not come “in the wake” of the fatality. The ones with the couple came well before that and it was mostly just for shits and giggles. People did it before and they will continue doing it after.

  • smartacus

    How are these drivers not being ticketed or suspended?
    Even Vanilla Musk himself says keep hands on the wheel

    • smartacus

      The problem is simple:
      Autopilot was designed with regular intelligence in mind, not tesla customer intelligence as beautifully demonstrated by the owners in this video

    • Deckard_Cain

      The Autopilot is flawed from its inception because it doesn’t nag the driver if he removes the hands of the steering wheel like Volvo does.

  • Thank you Tesla for doing your bit to curb overpopulation.

  • Yawn

    Utterly moronic. Yet you’re not allowed to use a fucking phone while driving?


  • Bash

    this is just crazy!!

  • R1S0

    dumb ways to die, sooo many dumb ways to die….

  • Christian

    This what i thought off Americans when I heard about the Autopilot for the car… Stupid and lazy. YOU´RE BEHIND THE WHEEL, YOU GOT THE RESPONSIBILITY NOT THE CAR!

  • EyalN

    if after Anton Yelchin got killed because he didn’t use the handbrake Americans still don’t use the handbrake. Americans will keep on using the Tesla autopilot and get killed.
    Americans need a law saying: use a helmet when you ride a motorcycle, use a handbrake, don’t use Tesla autopilot. without a law they will keep on killing themselves.

    • Kash

      So tell me, what super intelligent corner of the planet are you from where no one does anything stupid or dangerous that results in their own death?

      • Knotmyrealname

        It’s where people do stupid or IRRESPONSIBLE acts that endanger OTHER peoples lives that count here. And don’t forget the integrity of a company that is trying to advance us in the current millennium.

    • Zandit75

      Isn’t the jeep in question that killed the actor part of investigation into a dodgy gearbox?

    • Knotmyrealname

      Ha ha!! Yes next they’ll put a ‘choking hazard’ warning on saw blades…

  • Dennis James

    They are actually playing Russian roulette. Who will the be first to die…

    • R1S0

      the bad thing is that it could be a driver they could hit…

      • Knotmyrealname

        Or someone’s child.

  • Deckard_Cain

    Tesla should change the name of this system from Autopilot to something less ambitious such as Intelligent Cruise Control and implement a safeguard where the system only functions with the hands of the driver at the wheel.
    Otherwise people assume the car can drive itself.

  • xDRAN0x

    I’m glad there are these stupid people who volunteer for beta testing. Its a new technology, there will be crashes and these folks gladly take the lead! +1

  • InCotexM 3

    Marketing…It makes me nervous just to drive by one.



  • Thando_Gqabaza

    Darwins Law of Natural Selection ?

    • Zed68

      Would be fun if they were not endangering other people

  • getoffme

    So are their driver’s licenses suspended yet? I am pretty sure these people are putting other people’s lives at risk. Hello America?

  • Knotmyrealname

    Darwin, Darwin, where for art thou Darwin?

  • Alex P

    More people will always die in cars they are actually hands on driving than in a Tesla during autopilot.. and yes if people abuse the autopilot system rather than approaching it as a compliment to hands on driving then of course stupid things are bound to happen.

    I would love to own a Tesla and these recent accidents would not sway me otherwise in anyway. Sadly I simply cannot afford one..

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