Lamborghini Huracan Driver Saved Seconds Before Wrecked Supercar Bursts Into Flames

Dramatic footage has emerged of the moment locals saved a Chicago man from imminent death after he crashed his Lamborghini Huracan.

The shocking images show a small group of rescuers pulling the man from the destroyed matte black Huracan and carrying him to safety just seconds before the car bursts into flames.

Details surrounding the crash are still somewhat murky but according to NBC Chicago, the Italian supercar was hit from the side and speared into a light pole from side on. This split the Huracan in two, leaving the rear-end and engine on the side walk and the passenger cell of the car in the middle of the street.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing but witnesses say that the driver was conscious when he was extracted from the car and was immediately rushed to hospital. His condition is unknown.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Lamborghini split in two like this. Almost three years ago, an Aventador was cut in half after slamming into a tree.

Images via MozzamTweets and Greg Albrecht



  • Akira

    Seeing the car cut in half I’m sure he was gently driving at 30mph like a good citizen.

  • Knotmyrealname

    Ummm are my deceiving me or is that a 30mph sign I see?

    Let me think…. what kind of speed tears a lambo in half? Maybe ONE HUNDRED and 30?

    Again, what a knob. I hope he (the driver that hit the lambo) gets no insurance and has the book thrown at him.


  • uS’gedlemba

    “They shouldn’t be moving him though”….. “kaboom” …you were saying?

  • Blanka Li

    Not the first time a Lambo split in two – Volkswagen quality.

    • kello3000

      Did not check this but if I remember correctly this is by design to prevent a fire or explosion from the engine/gas tank spread to/blow up the passenger department. Ferraris are also design like this, as I do imagine other supercars are also.

      Edit: That was a nice Lambo, dig the yellow headlights. Funny though how much damage it took from a 30mph crash heh heh…

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        Yeah…I’m glad it didn’t blow up or catch fire to the passenger compartment!

  • Six_Tymes

    idiots in the car saying “they shouldn’t be moving him”. why? let him burn to death is better?

    • J Hod

      as recommended, bypassers arent allowed to move the victim to avoid worsening any disorientation or broken bones of the victim’s body by holding/carrying it incorrectly. hence, the paramedics.

  • smartacus

    anyone else notice the orange headlights match the flames

  • KidRed

    Second image “Hey John, where’s the engine?”

  • S3XY

    Hazard lights are the color of the fire, looks like a demon burning with that mean look.

  • Captain

    Fire goes great with the headlights

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