Satin Black LaFerrari Sells For Record $4.7 Million At Auction

A satin black 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari has sold for $4.7 million at the Mecum Auctions sale during Monterey Car Week.

That figure is believed to be a record price paid for the Italian firm’s hybrid hypercar and is just shy of the once-thought-to-be-ridiculous $5 million asking price of a gloss black LaFerrari last year.

The LaFerrari in question is one of just three painted in a shade dubbed Nero DS Opaco, making it stand out from the standard shades of red adorning most others. Complementing the satin black paint are a set of gloss black wheels and red brake calipers.

Despite having travelled 211 miles, the final sale price was above the $3.9 million to $4.5 million pre-auction estimate, showing just how in demand the LaFerrari is. What’s more, the final price is comfortably more than what most Ferrari Enzos fetch. It is however about $1 million less than one LaFerrari Aperta allocation is believed to have traded hands for.

In the coming years, prices for the LaFerrari coupe will probably settle at around the $4 million mark as collectors begin to focus on the even-more-desirable and limited LaFerrari Aperta.


  • fabri99

    I’d rather have a gloss red/yellow one. For half the price. That would still be too much, but anyway.

  • KidRed

    Wow, I had no idea it that much front overhang.

  • MrPC

    211 miles?! Time for a $50,000 tune-up!

  • TheHake


  • Kash

    TBH it’s stupid to pay a markup for something like a paint color on anything other than a classic car with it’s original, from the factory paint that’s in pristine condition when vinyl wraps exist.

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