Toyota Goes Retro With Pixis Joy Kei Cars In Japan [50 Pics]

If you want a small retro hatchback in North America, your choices essentially come down to the Mini, Fiat 500 or VW Beetle. But back in Japan there are more on offer, like the new Toyota Pixis Joy.

Toyota’s latest Kei car, the Pixis Joy takes aim squarely at the Honda N-One with its fashion-forward styling and compact form.

It comes in three different forms, each distinguished by its alternative take on the same cutesy design theme: the Pixis Joy C with a rugged appearance and taller ride height, the Pixis Joy F that takes a more elegant approach, and the Pixis Joy S with a sportier appearance. Each gets its own bumpers, rocker panels, wheels and more to carry the theme forward.

Regardless of chosen trim, the Pixis Joy is powered by a 660cc engine driving the front wheels through a continuously variable transmission. A turbocharged version is offered on the C and F versions and comes standard on the sporty S model, with all-wheel drive offered across the range as an option.

The Joy models join others in the Pixis range, including the Pixis Space wagon, Pixis Mega minivan, Pixis Van, Pixis Truck, and Pixis Epoch hatchback – all of them manufactured by Daihatsu, which Toyota recently acquired specifically on the strength of its small-car expertise.

They’ll be sold through an array of 211 dealers across Japan, with prices ranging from 1,220,400 to 1,620,000 yen – or about $12-16k at current exchange rates.

Toyota Pixis Joy C

Toyota Pixis Joy F

Toyota Pixis Joy S

  • TheHake

    “If you want a small retro hatchback in North America, your choices essentially come down to the Mini, Fiat 500 or VW Beetle.” You’re kidding, right???? Please be kidding.

    • antbee

      I was trying to think of any others that have retro styling, besides those mentioned, and I couldn’t come up with any more, either. I think the writer was just speaking of “new” models only, if that’s what you were getting at.😶

  • antbee

    I think I would cause accidents, many, as several people would just suddenly die of the cute, as they see me rollin’. If, I were able to get one of these in North America. Even the name is CUTE!
    You guys are lucky I didn’t just go, “SQUEEeEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

  • antbee

    Is Kei pronounced, “Key,” or “Kay?”

    • Kay.

      • antbee

        Thank you! Was moving, just got Internet, so late on the reply.

  • J Hod

    wow. pretty neat

  • Six_Tymes

    very cool

  • KoreaStraight

    KIA Soul is much cooler.

    • BqWsRe

      Said from a Korean propaganda center. Lol

      KIA Soul design is actually a rip off of Japanese Kei car design.

      Did you know, most new Hyundai/ KIAs are not even designed by Koreans now? Many aren’t even built in Korea.

      The Japan Sea.

      • KoreaStraight

        Japan itself was designed and ripoff from Koreans and Korean Peninsula. All your manufacturer products you see from Sony from Toyota came from Korea.

        The Korea Sea aka East Sea.

        • woorinaratwatz

          tis raving kimchi-breath nationalist is quite an entertaining clown. hahahahaha!!! keep it up…or ‘fighting’, as that’s how you garlic-loving lunatics put it.

  • Not bad

    Not bad; quite a cute little city car especially as these are really cheap in Japan (unlike the MINI or Beetle)

    PS: WHY are Japanese car manufacturers keen to show the seats convert to a bed. Does that explain why Japan has a population approaching 130million? By contrast if the USA had the SAME population density, their population would be 4 billion! Kinda of makes me wonder WHY every time I visit the USA and speak to someone there – they mention their GF, BF, husband and wife within 3 minutes of the conversation!

    • BqWsRe

      The Japanese population is NOT approaching 130 million. It is actually quite the opposite, with the Japanese population dropping every year due to its rapidly aging society. It’s population drop is actually the worst in the world.

      And, yes, in typical Japanese fashion it’s styling is a rip-off of other cars with a small Japanese twist.

      • Not bad

        The Japanese population is NOT approaching 130 million…

        Google yo!

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Is this Pikachu’s car?

  • tomasz z tomaszowa

    How is t h a t retro? Show me one retro thing in it. Or is it retro, because it refers to old Mini style in a bit less obvious way then all those chineese clones?
    And it’s not new, by the way. It’s been sold as Daihatsu Cast for almost a year.

  • LOVE IT.

  • Ronald Beach

    I’m sorry, but that front end is a blatant rip off of the Mini. People get all in a tither when China rips off a design, but it’s okay if a Japanese company does it?

    • Kash

      Or more likely the design comes from the Daihatsu Copen Cero which was launched in 2015 which was an evolution of the first gen Copen’s design and not Mini. (Silver is Cero; Yellow is 1st gen)

  • Socarboy

    I like it, why can’t Toyota give it’s current offerings in the USA style without being gaudy…cough cough I’m talking about you Prius in particular!

  • Zae

    Cool car… just noticed the 3 pedals. Anyone perhaps know what the far left pedal is for? As these are all automatics

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