Chevrolet Bolt Has A Paddle-Operated Regenerative Braking System

Before customer deliveries of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt commence, the company has confirmed that the hatchback features a regenerative braking system that can be operated via steering wheel mounted paddles.

There are four driving modes in the Bolt that employ the regenerative braking to different extents. The first mode simply offers low levels of regenerative braking and still requires the driver to use the brake pedal to bring the vehicle to a stop.

On the other hand, the three other driving modes allow for ‘one-pedal driving’, where the brake pedal doesn’t need to be used as the car is slowed solely by the regen braking system. With a simple hold of the steering wheel paddle, the Bolt’s regen brakes will activate and bring the car to a stop while simultaneously adding a small amount of charge to the battery.

Chevrolet engineers say that the system can increase the Bolt’s range by up to five per cent when used in urban traffic environments. That means the 200 mile (321 km) range from the 60 kWh battery pack can rise to around 210 miles.