Jaguar XJ220 Owners Rejoice; Bridgestone Is Developing A New Tire Just For You

Even though only 275 units of the Jaguar XJ220 were ever produced, Bridgestone has revealed that it is developing a new set of tires for the British motoring icon.

To offer fresh sets of rubber to XJ220 owners, Bridgestone has teamed up with Don Law Racing, the world’s leading XJ220 shop and is currently working with original engineers and the original test driver from the supercar’s development.

Additionally, Road & Track reports Bridgestone has got its hands on pre-production chassis 004 to develop the new tires, which will measure 255/45 ZR17 at the front and 345/35 ZR18 at the rear.

Even though so few XJ220s exist, those that are still driven around currently can’t access any appropriate tires as production of those compatible with the car ended a number of years ago.

Thanks to Bridgestone and Don Law, those lucky few owners will finally be able to enjoy their cars to the maximum. Shame we’re not one of them.