Viral Video Attempt Backfires After Guy Smashes Ferrari 360 Modena Windshield

People can do all sorts of things for internet fame, including smashing a $3200 Ferrari windshield in order to replace a couple of $75 air-vents. Why do such a thing, you might ask.

Due to their odd placement, the vents in the 360 Modena can only be reached by either taking out the dashboard, or the windshield. Don’t act surprised, this is an early 2000’s Ferrari we’re talking about…

Rob, the protagonist of this video, opted for the faster solution. From his point of view, removing the windshield “seemed like the best bet”. The thing is, he opted to do it by completely damaging it with a baseball bat, while having a brand new one ready for replacement. Because doing it the old-fashioned way was too boring, apparently.

However, Rob somehow overlooked the fact that a car’s windshield isn’t designed to shatter, so he didn’t really get access to the vents. As that wasn’t cringe-worthy enough, the replacement part suffered some damage during shipping. Guess he didn’t check his new delivery was intact before pulling off that stunt.


  • Numbnuts Alert

    Really?! What a tool.

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • Six_Tymes

    D-BAG got some

  • Alecs

    IF he does this in a Mustang or other American Icon maybe,he´d be arested,doesn´t he…

    • T_Cake

      His Ferrari bashing is only slightly worse than your syntax.

      • datCubanguy

        hey syntax police get off your high horse and let people be.I bet if some one tells you to do your bed in the morning or cleanup your Mom’s basement you would be angry!

        • T_Cake

          You forgot to capitalize the first letter of your sentence.

  • Ryan Golding

    His windshield was already cracked thats why he completely shattered it. He didn’t care about “wasting” the windshield because it needed to be replaced anyway. Fixing the vents was just a plus in the whole situation

    • smartacus

      that’s what i think. It must have had a crack in it already.

    • jh

      And he still didn’t think about thousand of little pieces going anywhere in the car (even places you don’t get to, except you remove the dashboard…).

      Anything for ‘fame’, right?!

  • Shobin Drogan

    Rob ferretti is the last person on earth who cares what you think about him.

  • xDRAN0x

    He swings like a 4yo


    • fabri99

      Do. It is so worth it. It’s second-hand embarassment to the next level.

    • Akira

      That’s not “his” Ferrari. The guy has an exotic rental company, and this 360 is one of them. That’s why he’s fed up with all those maintenance and repairs bullshits.

  • TheBelltower

    This guy isn’t exactly Mensa material.

  • surfshop

    HAHAHAHA, this should be on comedy central

  • fabri99

    The more it went on, the more it became weird. Awkward, I’d say. Amazingly, I didn’t have fun watching a d-bag smashing his Ferrari. Well, at least I watched the entire video.

    • jh

      Poor car. Not only is it owned by a *pick-a-name* – it gets beaten by him, as well. Probably tortured by endlessly boring accelerating runs on the drag strip or between the lights, never going through a proper turn in decent manor. Sad, little 360 – i’m feeling you ;(

  • Incog Nito

    If you like to show off, I have a better advise about what to do with that bat for a d-bag like you ..

  • jh

    A kingdom for brains… he seems to have enough cash – nowadays that’ll do.

  • Well, I think this was very viral.

  • BlackPegasus


  • Rory-Taylor Fütter

    Guess who’s voting Trump……

  • Mokes Oz

    How does somebody that dumb have enough money for such a nice car.

  • D3X

    I’ve watched his channel before, he owns a body shop and he does repairs like these for a living. Sure, he made some stupid mistakes, he probably feels like a dumbass doing that too, even his camera man is laughing at him.

    Anyway, he’ll get this fixed and he can afford it.

  • dressed like a prick, struts about like a prick…

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Who ships a windshield in a cardboard box?

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