Airbus Previews its ‘Vahana’ Self-Flying Air Taxi

A couple months after the first details about Airbus’s autonomously piloted aircraft program emerged, the French company has provided a better insight into its Vahana project.

Vahana is currently being developed by A³ (pronounced A-cubed), the Silicon Valley based advanced projects outpost of Airbus. The company intends on flying a full-size prototype before the end of 2017 and to then present a productionzable demonstrator by 2020.

Vahana is made up of eight rotors and two wings and houses a single passenger beneath a retractable canopy. The aircraft will be able to take off vertically, fly itself and have the ability to automatically detect and avoid obstacles and other aircraft.

Unlike certain flying cars, Vahana doesn’t make the bold promise of being able to conquer the street and the air. Airbus believes that personal aerial vehicles could prove the answer for current transportation challenges in metropolitan areas around the world. As a result, Vahana will stick to the limitless space offered above ground.

The vehicle will operate within an automated flight ecosystem and follow predetermined flight paths meaning future flyers won’t be jostling for space in the air like they currently do on the road.


  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Oh lord….

  • Dennis James

    It seems that some of us will live to see some recent SF movies transform into reality 🙂

    • LeStori

      And wish we were already dead. More noise in the air 24 hours a day and life will be oh so wonderful….

  • Craig

    Exactly WHERE are some people going that they absolutely, positively need to get there?

    • TheHake

      The pub!

    • CarCzarDesigner

      Well, how about the doctor’s office, your dentist, nail salon or a mad dash to the store with a 2 for 1 coupon, for a half dozen eggs?

      • Craig

        OK. Well… I never thought of the coupon.

    • Nookie

      • Craig


  • TheHake

    “Vahana will stick to the limitless space offered above ground” It’s hardly limitless!


  • Gerald Michael

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • Akil Hodge

    This looks like a pokemon

  • Ralf

    From sketch to flying prototype in just one year? I have slight reservations.

  • LeStori

    We need more noise makers in the air like we all need extra holes in our head.. My house is near the flight path of helicopters and small aircraft. Within 8 minutes walk of the beach and over 10 kms from a light aircraft aerodrome. When they decide to fly near my house they are just annoying aerial noise. The worst are the helicopters.

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