Ford Mustang GT350 Driver Crashes After Failed Cars & Coffee Burnout

One Ford owner in Houston has done very little to help the Mustang stereotype after crashing while leaving a Cars and Coffee event over the weekend.

Captured on film, the driver can be seen kicking out the tail of the stunning blue Shelby GT350 for the hoards of people lining the road.

Unfortunately for the driver, he didn’t have the skills to control the burnout as just after the car started to straighten out after the initial slide, the tail violently spun the other way. Despite the driver’s frantic attempt to brake, the Mustang ploughed into a curb, narrowly missing dozens of spectators.

As if things couldn’t get worse for the driver, the moment he steps out of the car, furious onlookers
‘remind’ him of just how stupid he is.

One young onlooker can be heard screaming “You shouldn’t have a car that fast if you can’t fu**ing drive it!”

As for the damage sustained to the Mustang, both the passenger side front and rear wheels made heavy contact with the curb and will probably have to be replaced. It’s possible that some suspension components were also damaged.


  • Six_Tymes

    Yep, DB for sure.

  • Skip

    I like the mullet boy taking pictures. Perfect… Part of why I won’t be getting one! I hope he got a ticket at least

    • Rick Alexander

      You won’t be getting a Mustang Shelby GT350 because guys with mullets like taking pics of them? Please explain. On second thought, don’t bother. One more person I don’t have to line up behind to purchase one.

      • Skip

        No, actually because I find it a just a bit too big but I really do like it. Also price is just a bit too high for what it is, and I’m cross shopping BMW, not the Camaro. The fact that there seem to be a lot of jerks driving them is just icing, though BMW is no improvement there I admit! If I got one, I was going to get a mullet hat so I’d fit when I drove it lol.

        • Rick Alexander

          Nice. Seriously though, I can’t see why you’d cross shop this with a Bimmer. Unless it’s a Z4, and even then, the two don’t compare well. Two different animals. Not to mention, the Mustang has very little leg room in comparison to the Bimmers, unless you’re again referring to the Z4. Still, I highly recommend you take the new Stang out first, before your final summation. Now, if you do go the Bimmer route , then may I recommend you get yourself a Pompadour haircut first. 🙂

          • Skip

            haha… I have an unintentional Pompadour now.. will get it cut tomorrow! I don’t like the Z4. Its old tech to me. Never liked BMW people in general, and they all drive like asshats here in Dallas, but then again, so does nearly everybody. I’ve driven my buddy’s Orange GT with a few mods and it is sweet – just too big (I miss my 20v vvt MR2). M2 and GT350 compare well to me, format, rwd, manual, coupe, speed, handling etc… Both are Waaaay too heavy (my hotrod A4 AWD was only 3200lb and 350hp) which robs some of the joy and results in more expensive tires, brakes etc. when you drive them hard – which of course I will. got my plane tickets for European delivery in the spring for the M2.. If they are still hard to get then, I can always get the RS3 which is more mod friendly anyway.

          • Rick Alexander

            M2 huh? Never thought of that as an option to the Mustang. Definitely a nice car though, and journalists seem to love it. Although I don’t have any personal experience, other than sitting in one. Whatever you choose, may your drives be blissful, and your experiences void of douchebaggery! 🙂

  • FlameWater

    In 2016 people are still impressed by wheels spinning really fast, let alone driving in a circle for an hour.

  • TheBelltower

    I’m less disgusted with the Mustang driver than the hillbillies hollerin’ like idiots.

  • Blade t

    His damn flip flops probably got stuck in pedals ,,check out his driving shoes

    • Matt

      I know right, proper douche sandals.

  • BqWsRe

    Ford driver for you.

    He must have missed the turn to Mexico. ?

  • Status

    I think there are bigger douchebags in the crowd.

  • Panhead

    The crowd seemed thrilled. They’ll be retelling the story for days and showing everyone the photos and selfies they took. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a cars and coffee event with spectators lining the streets. Maybe I leave too soon?

  • And that’s where live rear axle comes useful. 🙂

  • Rick Alexander

    I’ll never understand people like this. More balls than skills. At what point don’t you realize that, “Hmmmm… maybe I should let off the gas cause I’m out of control!” The worst drivers, always get the most powerful cars they can afford. WHY!?

  • kachuks

    You can tell by the look on his face, its the first time he tried that. Prob be the last, too.

  • Jerry Hightower

    More money than sense! He’s lucky nobody was hurt.

  • Another one bites the dust….

  • Vassilis

    Not the GT350!

  • Mind Synthetic


  • Kaptnkauto

    I still feel sorry for the guy, just a regular joe that’s crashed his nice new car.. you’re all assuming he’s got money and doesn’t care but most likely he’s just proud he was able to purchase the car and wanted to give it a little rev when this happened.
    The worst part about this video is how quickly people were cheering the misfortune of another person….. and of course the MOST tragic part of this video is the mullet…. that’s a 1000 times worse then crashing your car….

  • Ben

    Wow – the driver may have screwed up, but the crowd is pathetic. They need to get a life.

  • Tumbi Mtika
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