Hennessey Is Making A 6×6 Ford F-150 And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

If there’s one thing the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 has proven, it’s that more wheels are better, and although other car manufacturers have yet to come up with something similar, nothing has stopped aftermarket specialists from creating such beasts.

Project Kahn’s 6×6 Flying Huntsman is just one example, with the latest coming from Texan tuner Hennessey Performance. The company leaked a couple of CGI images depicting the VelociRaptor 6X6 “concept” – a vehicle based on the brand-new Ford F-150 Raptor that takes the already off-road conquering, Baja-inspired machine to the next level.

According to Top Gear, the car comes with upgraded Baja-spec Fox suspension, new 20-inch wheels wrapped in chunky, off-road tires, redesigned front and rear bumpers, as well as numerous LED lights and a new rollbar.

The VelociRaptor 6X6 will be powered by the same 3.5-litre EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 that pumps out 450 hp and 510 lb-ft (691 Nm) of torque under the F-150 Raptor’s hood, but unsurprisingly Hennessey can also upgrade the car to ‘600’ spec – a move which brings the power up to (you guessed it) 600 hp. But why stop there when you can get a new exhaust, an ECU flash, Brembo brakes and many other things?

This machine will reportedly cost $292,661, with the donor car included, making it way cheaper than Merc’s G63 AMG 6×6. Still, we’ll know more details once Hennessey will make it official.


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