Tesla Model S Crashes Into Gym; Driver Blames The Car, Tesla Says Otherwise

Remember the Tesla Model X that purportedly accelerated on its own back in June and crashed into building? Well, it seems that another accident is mirroring that one, only this time it involves a Model S.

Captured on a surveillance camera, the footage posted by Electrek shows the driver moving slowly to park in front of the gym, in Lighthouse Point, Florida, right before the vehicle suddenly accelerated and crashed into the front door.

The driver’s husband explained the entire incident in a post on Tesla’s forum, which has been removed since then: “I have owned several Model S Teslas and currently own 1 P85D and 1 P90D. Recently, my wife experienced a near fatal accident when she was slowly parking at her gym. The car violently exploded into full acceleration and could have easily killed people in the gym.

Electrek has reached out to Tesla Motors and the automaker states that after reviewing the logs, the accelerator pedal was pressed during the crash. In response, the Model S owner wrote:

I am amazed and wildly disappointed by the way Tesla has handled this and their complete unwillingness to even talk to me about it. Of course, they immediately blamed it on the driver and claimed their online computer tells them that“, admitting that “it is possible that there could have been driver error, but we do not feel that is what has occurred and wanted to have it looked further into.


  • Six_Tymes

    Sounds like human error to me. My ex’s Mom once crashed her GMC Suv into their garage, almost collapsed the entire garage, only to find out later that she did press the gas pedal when she thought it was the brake.

    • Brent Edward


      • Jerry Hightower

        Picky, picky, picky! Have you not ever misspelled a werd?

        • Six_Tymes


          • Alain Pascal Routhier


    • Alex

      I think certain women need a good 7-10yrs of experience. My wife once backed up in a cylinder between floors in a parking lot. I was utterly amazed. She handles my M3 with care though, and that’s more than i can ask for. But in all fairness when push comes to shove, human error is just human error. We have to pay close attention when we’re driving. I cannot stress this enough, and women need to pay close attention in parking lots lol.

  • Lorral

    I am glad the Tesla driver is safe. We need more of this incidents to happen for Tesla to Shutdown. All these idiots I see on there phones and not paying attention letting the Robotic vehicle drive itself is a danger to other drivers. It is not Human Error but Computer Error. I understand all these Tesla Owners will defend the company. But I am against this Haynes Company, 1. The Term “Driver” Should Not Be Used as You are a Passenger. 2. There is no more interaction with your own vehicle but the Vehicle taking control of you. 3. Tesla will become a Fad in a couple of years. Until people notice it is doing them more harm than pleasure.

    • matrem

      That was all gibberish

    • Able

      Your punctuation is appalling, please shut the fuck up.

    • Callanish

      The only thing you got right was ‘I’m glad the driver was safe’. Everything else was pure utter crap and an insult to a rational, thinking human being.

    • eye.surgeon

      I’m hoping English is your second language.

    • Gus Hodges

      What is a “Haynes Company?”

  • dolsh

    Regen braking, then mashed the accelerator instead of brake? Yup…seems right.

    • Jay

      yup, I mean auto pilot doesn’t park the car right?

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Nobody likes to admit they’ve made an ass of themselves and will usually try and rationalize an accident other than by human error.

  • Anon

    Obviously human error. The car all of a sudden accelerates when the driver needed to press the brakes. Man there are some true dumbasses on this planet. More money than brain.

    • BqWsRe

      Tesla driver for you…

  • R1S0

    …when you try to blame a car instead of your mistake.

  • fabri99

    I say we blame the gym and find a settlement.

    • Alain Pascal Routhier

      Yes, I think if we accept the ‘expert husband’ theory than we have to accept an equally logical explanation: The building leaped forward and hit the car.

      • fabri99

        I mean… earth moves so it is possible that the world crashed into the car.

  • Russell

    So why is the husband talking for his wife the driver? Was he there with her to actually see what happened.

    • Six_Tymes

      good point

    • Ineed911

      He’s probably leveraged to the hilt and praying for a quick settlement to pay down some of his debt

  • Kash

    Of course they’re gonna try and blame the car, no one fesses up to being at fault of an accident.

  • Brent Edward

    :woman driver:

  • Dennis James

    We can now clearly see that Tesla’s full torque from 0 RPM is not always a good thing 🙂

    Joking aside, Tesla said that the accelerator was pressed, but the question is: how much was it pressed ? Was it mashed down, or very gently pressed ? That is the question they would actually need to answer. What I can see from the video is consistent with a fully pressed accelerator.

    • Alain Pascal Routhier

      I think it is a human reaction, you gently press ‘the brake’ and the car does not slow down, you press harder.

  • badcyclist

    If I accidentally jammed on the accelerator instead of the brake and ran my car into a building, I’d blame the car, too.

  • Craig

    Should I assume the car was STILL trying to work its way into the gym after the crash? If not … why not?

    • Alain Pascal Routhier

      I think you nailed it. If the car accelerated on its own why does it stop accelerating when it hits the building?

  • Erzhik

    Gym’s fault. Didn’t yield.

    • BqWsRe

      Don’t worry, there will be another super amazing wonderful PR piece from Tesla extolling the many perfect features of Tesla. So systematic now it is comical.

    • Alain Pascal Routhier
  • Rick Chase

    Interesting. Glad no one was hurt. I’m not jumping to ANY conclusions without more information.

  • Honda NSX-R


  • Ken Lyns

    Cue the blonde jokes in 3…2…1…

  • Alex P

    Yeah but the looks of it I’d say the driver unknowingly pressed the accelerator in what most likely was that brief moment of confusion believing it was the brake pedal. Its actually a very common occurrence. Either that or they staged the whole thing in an effort to gain some sort of exposure for their youtube channel for some sort of monetary gain / compensation jumping onboard the “defective” Tesla product bandwagon.. To me it looks a little too coincidental that the car drove between the flower beds right at the buildings pillar.. If the data recorder says she pressed the gas pedal then she did indeed press the gas pedal and can’t admit being in the wrong.. Just pay the damn insurance excess and let everyone get on with their lives.

  • Six_Tymes

    you think that one was bad, go look at the one posted below. I got a headache just with one glance.

    • Rick Chase

      If you are talking about the one by Charlene Blake, she posts that stuff on every story she can find. Try asking her for proof or just say something in opposition and see what happens. She has a partner named Azar Hadi that sometimes joins in.

  • smartacus

    this post needs to be framed in gold.
    they are outrageously bad at accepting blame.

  • smartacus

    ok i watched the video. Here is an alternative possibility not mentioned yet, so tell me whut you think:

    she was pulling into the spot,
    she was braking,
    computer somehow logs an errant code or signal from accelerator pedal showing flooring it,
    Model S accelerates fast enough to lift the woman’s foot right off the brake pedal,
    crash sensors override the accelerator signal.

    • Alain Pascal Routhier

      I think you cannot spell ;-). but seriously , no. there is no errant code in sw there has not been errant code since we started running debuggers in Java scripts (except for MS who keeps running from one legacy system to the next carrying the same flaws for decades, 🙂 ).

    • Gus Hodges


  • jacob jaye

    white ppl shizz..

    • Knotmyrealname

      Black ppl have their own shizz too. As do Yellow, etc., etc.
      Don’t bring colour into it.
      …and I bet you’re the first one to call ‘racist’.

      • jacob jaye

        it was a Kevin hart reference chill out man

    • adam berry

      Yeah, that was a lame comment, thanks Jacob, your mother would be proud.

    • badcyclist

      Oh, jeez. JJ was clearly just teasing.

  • hwangmao ting

    I bet the lady was relying on regenerative braking to slowly turn into the parking spot and when it came time to actually apply the brakes, she accidently pressed the gas pedal thinking it was the brakes.

  • Wombater

    “…and could’ve easily killed people in the gym.” Yeah, because your wife mixed up the brake pedal and the acceleration pedal! . Just own up already – there’s only so much you can blame on the car…

  • Ineed911

    All she had to do was go to the gym and one other thing…

  • Blanka Li

    Since the 60 minutes Audi debacle in the 80’s, every 10 years or so, one of the car companies gets tagged with the “unintended acceleration” hysteria label. And it’s always proven wrong.

  • BqWsRe

    Either another Tesla autopilot failure or a typical Tesla driver…more money than brains.

    Either way, doesn’t look good for Tesla.

  • BqWsRe

    He speaketh the truth.

    Lol. Perfect assessment of women.


    Musk Scam like rockets doesn’t working

  • TrevP

    Whats off about this is that the vehicle is slowing (braking probably) when parking and then it suddenly accelerated. So, its possible it did accelerate by its self and it seems like this lady knows how to work a Tesla, being her husband has owned “many” Teslas. Either way, its a good thing no one was injured.

  • S3XY

    Woman driving. Crashes car and says it was the cars fault, not hers. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    “Could have killed people in the gym” What people? It’s empty. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Lame humans that can’t accept and admit that they messed up. No respect

  • Craig

    This is just another reason why I think it’s best to ‘left foot brake’. It’s less likely you would make the mistake of thinking that you are slamming on the ‘brake’ when you’re really slamming on the gas pedal.

  • Alain Pascal Routhier

    ”my wife experienced a near fatal accident ”, ”The car violently exploded into full acceleration and could have easily killed people in the gym.” So aside from the drama queen effect of such statements the video clearly shows there is no one in that Gym, and the driver walks out of the car on her own and walks around…
    “I am amazed and wildly disappointed by the way Tesla has handled this and their complete unwillingness to even talk to me about it” If you make accusations towards someone do not really expect them to come running to invite for coffee. Just sayin’
    ””I have owned several Model S Teslas and currently own 1 P85D and 1 P90D. ” I am surprise that people who are (apparently) financially successful can come-up with such ridiculous statements maybe they actually believe the rest of the world is stupid enough to believe them? As in the newly expert in tesla technology husband who was not on the scene but knows what happened? No disrespect intended, it is likely a traumatic experience for both.
    The base model of Tesla accelerate 0-60 in less than 6s, this is race car territory. If the driver skills are for a good old VW beetle you might have issues.

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