These Are The 10 Least Reliable New Cars For 2016, According To CR

The annual Auto Reliability Survey from Consumer Reports is not only for crowning the most reliable new car you can get in the USA, but also finding out which ones were the poorest performers.

The survey gathered and evaluated data from over half a million new cars as reported directly from their owners and as with every study of this kind, the final results showed which company does a good job and which needs to improve asap.

As with the list showing the best performers of 2016, models with an asterisk next to them are rated based on one year of reliability data. Let’s begin the countdown, shall we?

10. FIAT 500L*

Fiat’s 500L is one of them, with CR’s subscribers pointing out issues with its automatic gearbox which can slip or even lock-up, its powered accessories, the drive system and the in-car electronics.


The Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon twins suffered from problems like steering vibrations, failing powered accessories and in-car electronics.


Ford’s Fiesta is also there, with owners reporting trouble spots such as a rough-shifting or slipping transmission, problems with its powered accessories, premature clutch replacements and various noises and leaks.

7. RAM 2500

The Ram 2500 pickup truck also scored low points, with the main trouble spots being steering vibrations, emissions controls and sensors, 4WD components and its powered components.


While Tesla did improve the reliability score of the Model S, the newer Model X scored poorly, with owners reporting problems with its Falcon-wing doors, locks and latches, in-car electronics and climate system among others.

5. CHRYSLER 200*

The fifth place on the list with the least reliable new cars went to the Chrysler 200 which faces issues with its nine-speed automatic gearbox which reportedly sometimes won’t shift gears or it hesitates to move when you put it in gear.


Fourth place goes to the Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon XL models, with owners reporting leaking sunroofs and transmission problems, failing in-car electronics and 4WD components.


The Jeep Renegade is ranked third in this list, after facing issues with its brakes, pieces of the exterior body trim falling off and transmission problems among others.


Number two in the list is the Ford Focus, which according to CR readers, suffers from a rough-shifting or slipping transmission which can make it jerky to drive in low speeds with the driveline also transmitting vibrations.


The biggest ‘loser’ of this list is none other than the Cadillac Escalade. Owners reported that faced issues like the AWD system being stuck in 4WD mode, an unresponsive infotainment system and water leaks from the sunroof.


  • kachuks

    With a few exceptions, these are all desirable cars that sell well.

    • Day_Trader

      What can you do, but keep on selling to sheeple.

  • 21

    Not surprised that they are all shit american cars

    • BGM

      grumble… yeah… whatever… I bet the M1A2 is the best tank in the world… grumble…

    • Enter Ranting

      And which cars does your utopia produce?

    • psiqtas

      For example European cars are even less reliable, but rankings like these are being done very seldom there or mysteriously sponsored by manufacturers, so not reliable at all…

  • SteersUright

    Surprise, surprise, mostly American produced junk. Though I am shocked some BMW’s or VW’s didn’t make this list.

  • SamuraiJack

    Didn’t expect to see Fiesta and Focus on the list

    • TheHake

      Mexican produced…

      • smartacus

        no other Ford products are in the 10 least reliable.

        • TheHake

          We actually got the Mexican-made Jetta Hybrid here for a while. Build quality was not even comparable to the Up!. They stopped selling it here after a while.

    • Alban Gojani

      I didn’t expect that either, I was actually surprised to see them here. I was looking into buying a new 1.6 TDCi Focus because they’re cheap, economic and well, reliable as everyone knows. But now, after seeing this, I might change my mind for something else…

      • danno

        Buy it with a manual transmission and you should be good to go.

        • T_Cake

          I had a ZX5 with a manual in college years ago. Great little car. Fun to drive for a grocery getter.

      • DMJ

        If you’re buying a diesel one, you are european. And euro Focus are made in Germany or Spain, not in Mexico, and as far as I know, they are reliable, at least with manual gearbox.

    • danno

      The dual clutch transmission has long been the issue with these 2 Ford products. Sync has also been poorly received and the cause of many complaints.

  • supermanuel

    4 out of the 10 produced by FCA. 3 of the 10 produced by GM.

    • T_Cake

      To be fair, they’re essentially the same vehicle.

      • supermanuel

        The GM 3 are, yes. Not so with the FCA models.

        • T_Cake

          I should have been more specific. I was referring to the GM Holy Trinity.

  • Michael_66589

    Lets compare most and least reliable cars and we see strange things – Chevy cruze more reliable than ram 2500, cadillac escalade ? No way.

  • Kaptnkauto

    This is why Caddi sucks… that escalade costs as much as a house in some areas and you get the worst reliability score shameful.

  • nastinupe

    For $90,000 I would expect more from the Caddy Escalade.

    • thunder bolt

      Range Rover costs even more, and fails constantly.

      • nastinupe

        Yeah but apparently not as much as the Escalade according to this post. Since TaTa took over things have been looking up for Land Rover.

  • Ford had always transmission problems. No surprise there

  • TheBelltower

    Not surprising that the Fiat and the Renegade are on this list, since they are nearly the same beneath the sheetmetal. Yes? I wouldn’t hesitate owning any of these cars, if it means not having to drive any of the cars on the most-reliable list.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    That’s really only 8 because the GMC/Chevy/Caddy are the exact same truck. Find 2 more and combine them in this list. Otherwise change the title to “8 Least Reliable”

  • smartacus

    No surprise, FCA, GM, and toastla on the bottom.

    • smartacus

      and the only two Fords on the list also just happen to be made in…

  • psiqtas

    Carmakers know really good how to damage cars by replacing simple mechanics with complex electronic devices – read it bellow these pictures and You’ll see that most problems comes from stupid and unnecessary electronics…
    You’ll have to be an IT-guy now to repair these modern cars!

  • psiqtas

    Somehow funny because some of these models wren’t ranked by CR/were more reliable in their older versions…

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