Alexa, Can You Charge My Sonata PHEV? Amazon’s Smart Speaker Can Now Do Things With Your Hyundai

Starting today, certain owners of new Hyundais will be able to lock, unlock, remote charge and remote start their cars from the comfort of their own house using nothing but voice commands.

The company’s new Blue Link skill for Amazon Alexa is available across Alexa-enabled devices and Hyundai vehicles equipped with the second-generation Blue Link system.

“Our customers increasingly want more ways to interact with their vehicles, especially when they are hustling to get out the door,” said Hyundai tech exec Barry Ratzlaff. “Linking smart devices like the Amazon Echo and Apple Watch to vehicles via Blue Link continues to fill that desire. Allowing consumers to send commands to their car is just the beginning.”

Now, owners of the all-new Ioniq EV and PHEV models are able to start and stop the charge of their cars simply by using voice commands with the Blue Link skill. Furthermore, Blue Link can be accessed from the buttons on the rearview mirror, from the web or simply via your smartphone app – with some features being controllable through the latest Android Wear and Apple Watch.

As previously stated, Blue Link skill for Amazon Alexa is only compatible with 2nd-gen Blue Link equipped vehicles, such as all 2017 models, but also the 2016 Genesis, Azera, Tucson, Sonata, Sonata Hybrid, Veloster, Elantra GT. The 2015 Genesis, Sonata and Azera are compatible as well.

According to Hyundai, owners can request various functions of their car including:

Remote start and stop charging of the Hyundai IONIQ Electric, IONIQ Plug-in and Sonata Plug-in
Remote engine start with climate control across all supported Hyundai models
Remote door lock/unlock across all Hyundai models
Remote horn/lights across all Hyundai models equipped

At home, a Hyundai owner can experience interactions like these:

Owner: “Alexa, ask Blue Link to start charging my IONIQ.”
Alexa: “Request for remote charging your IONIQ has been sent.”

Owner: “Alexa, tell Blue Link to start my car at 80 degrees.”
Alexa: “Request for remote starting your car with climate control has been sent.”

Owner: “Alexa, ask Blue Link to lock my Santa Fe.”
Alexa: “Request for remote locking your Santa Fe has been sent.”



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