Just How Capable Is The Tesla Model X P90D?

One of Elon Musk’s key goals for Tesla was for the automaker to create compelling electric vehicles which were enjoyable to drive and that shed the stereotypes of boring and inconvenient EVs.

With both the Roadster and the Model S, that’s exactly what the company has achieved, particularly with the Model S. As for the brand’s latest vehicle, the Model X, does it achieve the same?

To find out, Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire took a white example in P90D spec up to the canyon roads of California as well as along the famed Pacific Coast Highway.

The first half of the clip shows Farah testing out the Model X’s performance and its handling abilities on some very tight and twisty roads. Despite the vehicle’s huge overall weight, it is capable of tackling difficult corners quite well, thanks largely to its low center of gravity.

Then comes the second half, exploring the Pacific Coast Highway in Autopilot mode. The final conclusion? Watch the video to find out.