Skoda Investigating Performance-Focused Superb vRS

Skoda’s Superb luxury sedan is looking likely to become the brand’s next model available with a vRS-badged performance version.

During a recent interview with Motoring describing Australia’s love for the Skoda Octavia vRS, the Czech firm’s local director Michael Irmer confirmed that the brand is investigating the next vRS model to be based around the Superb.

“It would be absolutely fantastic for us to have it [Superb RS]. I have heard that the factory is evaluating it right now, but it’s unconfirmed [for production].

“The question is also what engine you put in it? Is it a petrol engine or a diesel engine, because Europe is very diesel heavy. Then we’ll make an assessment when we know for sure if it’s confirmed and what is confirmed. ” he said, regarding the likelihood of the model arriving Down Under.

Given the size of the Superb, it is highly unlikely any possible vRS version would use the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder of the Octavia vRS. After all, the range-topping petrol engine already on offer for the Superb is significantly more powerful, delivering 276 hp. Any vRS model would therefore conceivably need to have over 300 hp.

Renderings via Theophilus Chin


  • RS6 Performance Wagon Lover

    That render looks more like a Superb Monte Carlo!

  • Fling3t

    Considering that the 280 ps superb is the fastest production Skoda, do they really need a faster one?

    • And considering they’ve killed off the vRS badge for most of its models, as well as Skoda themselves saying they’re going to invest more in ‘vRS line’ trims, this doesn’t look like it will make it to reality.

  • Evo45

    Maybe they can put a Audi RS3/TT RS engine with 400 HP (maybe over)?

    • Anders Arleth

      Would be the perfect engine, I agree. That 2.5 TFSI engine is brilliant..