Toyota Details The C-HR’s New TNGA Modular Platform

Toyota has announced more details on their new modular TNGA platform that plays a vital role in the company’s strategy to create ‘ever-better cars’.

Toyota’s New Global Architecture, which currently underpins the latest Prius and the eagerly-awaited C-HR, aims to play a fundamental role in the company’s goal to offer more fun-to-drive cars.

The latest example of this is of course the new Toyota C-HR that promises to combine striking design with driver enjoyment. The new TNGA-C platform is designed in such way that allows tailor-made changes to suit the demands of a given vehicle.

The adaptability of it is demonstrated in the C-HR’s shorter wheelbase compared to Prius (2,640 vs 2,700mm) and wider front and rear tracks (+20mm front, +10mm rear), showcasing also the different packaging and handling needs between the two models.

Toyota was aiming to create a crossover that offers the same dynamics with a ‘very competent hatchback’, one that’s suited to the fast and fluid style of European drivers. One of the key benefits of the TNGA-C platform is the low center of gravity, giving the new C-HR the lowest one among its rivals, resulting in balanced handling, less body roll and a more engaging drive.

The new platform is also 65 percent more rigid than the company’s previous C-segment architecture, providing a solid base for tuning the suspension to the desired handling and comfort standards. The new C-HR uses a McPherson strut design at the front, paired with a large-diameter antiroll bar to reduce body roll and a double wishbone setup from the latest Prius at the rear.

Toyota claims that the new Prius and C-HR are only the start, as the company is set to introduce more new models based on the TNGA platform in the future.


  • WG

    they can say “engaging to drive” if it drives like or better than the mazda cx-3, which is not likely the case. nevertheless, this ch-r would not just be an appliance that people buys.

  • rover10

    One can’t help applauding the styling, which is bold and engaging. It would be so easy to play the safe ticket however, with Nissan breathing heavily down Toyota’s neck with their bold styling, what choice do they have? That said, this looks better than anything in this segment.

  • G82FS

    It is a step in the right direction as far as styling but it has practically no cargo space and Toyota has stuck a 144hp motor paired to a CVT transmission in there which kills any attempt at being “engaging to drive” for me…

  • haudit

    This is nothing to do with Toyota’s new platform, but I really hadn’t realised just how complicated the surfacing on the C-HR’s bodywork is.

  • pureworx

    this is going to be interesting, toyota is trying hard to move away from the car by committee design. something honda need to do, tell the bean counters to balance the books and not dictate car design, let the engineers and designer do that.

    Akio Toyoda has the right idea, now give him time to reverse this decades of appliance design.

  • Where’s the digital clock on the dash gone? Its the end of an era for Toyota if that clock is gone. I love that clock 😉

    • haudit

      Don’t worry, it’s still there – to the left of the infotainment screen. Toyota might be willing to let go of its tradition of design-by-committee, but they’ll never let go of the traditional LCD clock from 1982!

  • SteersUright

    this just needs a serious engine and handling package as an option. It looks the part, now it needs to drive it too.

  • annon

    shit car, shit design – end of story

    • Steve Huberty

      Probably still driving Mom’s Cavalier! Nice job Toyota. Please ignore the morons who have a bad comment for everything that you do, even though they don’t have a clue otherwise. Continue building the great cars that you do.

      • annon

        yeah right?? Dude I work for this company for almost 15 years already, I know the potential that Toyota has and this car is not it

        • Steve Huberty

          Then you probably know that there is already presales happening on the vehicle. . You better go back and get more experience if you actually think that you know what you are talking about. What company do you think that you work for?

          • annon

            I don’t need to think which company I work for and I very well know that presales are ongoing, presales go on with every new model/face lifted model that Toyota introduces, so I don’t quite grasp your point??? Besides that, what I wrote is solely my opinion which I believe I am entitled to

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