Toyota Launches US-Spec 2018 C-HR Compact Crossover

The small crossover that would be a Scion, if the sub-brand were still alive, made its Stateside debut at the LA Auto Show eight months after its launch at Geneva.

Slotting below the RAV-4 and set to take on the likes of Honda’s HR-V, the C-HR is essentially the same car as the one sold in the rest of the world. Well, make that almost the same, as in the US it will be solely available with a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four with 144 HP mated to a CVT transmission driving the front wheels.

So, no 1.2 turbo or hybrid for this side of the pond, at least for now. That “compact” label is a bit of a misnomer, too, as actually the C-HR sits between sub-compact and compact crossovers.

The CH-R will be available next spring in two grade levels. The base XLE comes with features like a dual-climate control, a seven-inch touchscreen display and 18-inch alloys as standard, while the XLE Premium adds a blind spot monitor and heated front seats, among others.

Toyota stresses that both trims sport its Safety Sense P driver assist and safety suite that consists of a Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Automatic High Beam.

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  • ediotsavant

    144hp is enough for this class of car.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I like it

  • WG

    I don’t like the front design… the interior looks nice.
    Somehow toyota debuts this car in the color red…. and imo it is a bad thing when Mazda CX-5’s soul red and Alfa Romeo Stelvio’s red look much better, well maybe the red looks better in person or in other photoshoots.

  • Hope this is one of those cars that can’t be done justice with a camera because from where I’m sitting the Mazda CX-3 is still miles (or in my case kilometres) away in terms of styling.

  • mokster

    a little late to the party Toyota

  • Benjamin B.

    Front whee drive only? No AWD? Would rather just get the RAV4 hybrid. Would be interesting if Toyota offered it with a manual. Don’t care for 1.2L turbo. 2L is fine. That’s what the Mazda CX-3 has. The Ford EcoSport will get the 1L turbo and a 2L flexfuel.

    • Miknik

      At least in Europe, a RAV4 Hybrid with AWD is nearly a third more expensive in terms of list price – sure, dealers give way more discount on the older & larger car, so you end up with way less difference at the counter, but still, many will choose compactness and less “bopring” looks.

  • Chris Zeidler

    This needs AWD!!!!!!

  • Matthijs

    Who cares it doesn’t have 4WD? Most people will use it for normal trips on normal roads. No one is going to plow with this one. For snowy area’s there are many other cars that would do the trick way better anyway.

  • Sebastien

    No AWD, no turbo, no hybrid….humm

    • Evo45

      If you get turbo 1.2 engine, you can get AWD, but in Europe. At least US-spec has a powerful engine

  • Six Thousand Times

    Good engine choice. Needs AWD.

  • Dennis James

    Looks quite a bit better than the Nissan Juke (which I assume is a competitor at least in Europe) and looks good in general. Well done.

    • Imjus Sayin

      Well, looks like they just merged the RAV4 front end with a Juke rear end and gave it a Honda sounding name.

  • Justin Spencer

    A little overstyled but not bad considering how vanilla-looking most Toyota’s are. The interior looks fresh and upscale for this class. However, where’s the all-wheel drive??? Toyota would have to be shooting itself in the foot to not offer all-wheel drive!!!

    • Kenneth

      A lot of commenters forget that AWD typically adds over 100 pounds of weight (dead weight, most of the time). I think this odd-looking hatchback will be slow enough, as is, with only 140 hp (and likely to be droning CVT).

      • 85ZingoGTR

        Well Toyota seems to forget that they have a hatchback already called the Corolla iM and we will not count the Prius and Prius V since they are hybrids. So this C-HR not having AWD just makes it nothing more than another FWD Toyota hatchback. And for this to be priced roughly 20K just for bigger fender flares and less rear visibility when I can get a Corolla iM with more cargo capacity and better rear visibility, it makes this vehicle irrelevant. People that buy these small crossovers buy them mostly for the AWD. These are people that don’t want or need a larger CUV like a Rav4 or a CR-V but want or need the AWD so they get these instead. When I was in college, I bought a Suzuki SX4 for this very reason. Unfortunately, at the time it was the only one of its kind and not until recently have more of these mini CUVs popped up. A very dumb move if you ask me. Akio should take the genius bean counter that thought this was a good idea and send him packing.

  • LexusGXman

    love it

  • Jacob Smith

    Looks nice but its ruined without AWD so i guess i am getting ford ecosport instead even through i like the c-hr better

  • 85ZingoGTR

    I was excited to see this vehicle. Up until the part where they decided to not offer it with AWD. So then that basically makes this model irrelevant because for less money I’d rather get a Corolla iM if I want a FWD hatchback or look elsewhere for AWD. This lack of AWD will NOT help this vehicles sales at all. If it’s about cost cutting, they should look elsewhere NOT in removing the AWD system in a crossover.

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