This Is Ford’s All-New 2017 Fiesta – 61 Photos

Ford is launching their all-new generation Fiesta supermini (see the first official photo here), alongside new commercial vehicles in Cologne, Germany, and they’ve set up a live stream so you can watch the reveals and announcements online.

Ford’s all-new 2017 Fiesta is not just bigger, safer and more efficient than the outgoing model, but also features a soft-roader version for the first time in its four decade history.

That image released a few hours ago is now confirmed to be the ST-Line trim, which was joined by three other versions on stage: Titanium, Vignale and the previously mentioned Active soft-roader.

In terms of appearance, the new Fiesta breaks free from its previous mold which saw it feature vertical taillights in both the fifth and sixth generation models, from 2002 through 2008 to 2016. In fact, the last Fiesta to have somewhat-horizontal taillights was the fourth generation model build between 1995 and 2002.

So if the front end still makes this car instantly recognizable as a Fiesta, the rear separates it from the rest of the Ford range, at least in terms of visuals.

Speaking of which, the Active soft-roader version is really unlike any other Fiesta we’ve ever seen, mostly due to its increased ground clearance, the roof bars and the body kit of course – giving it a somewhat crossover-ish appearance. Think of it as a VW Cross Polo rival.

Of course it’s the interior where Ford made the largest strides with the new-gen Fiesta, in terms of quality as well as on-board tech and overall aesthetics.

You’re looking at an overall all-new dashboard layout, one that can feature an optional 8″ floating touchscreen display, housing ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment system. It’s safe to say that thanks to the Fiesta’s small proportions, an 8″ display tends to look huge, which is definitely a good thing.

In terms of on-board tech, the 2017 Fiesta, which Ford called the “most advanced small car in the world” is loaded with active safety systems such as Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Active Park Assist with Perpendicular Parking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Information System, Lane Keep Aid and plenty others.

As for its engine range, customers will be able to choose between a series of turbocharged and naturally-aspirated three-cylinder petrol engines, as well as a new TDCi diesel, making this the most powerful diesel Fiesta ever. However, it’s the 1.0-liter EcoBoost that really stands out since it’s the world’s first three-cylinder engine to feature cylinder deactivation.

We expect to have full details about Ford’s all-new 2017 Fiesta supermini tomorrow.

Photos Michael Karkafiris/Carscoops & Ford


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  • Karl

    Well done Ford! Fantastic evolution of a classic design…

  • rover10

    Wow, from a package point of view this has moved on from the previous model. Visually, it’s strong enough to hold current customers and plenty to entice new ones. Styling is less of a leap forward from the current car, but it’s still an attractive machine. Added variants was a surprise and the Vignale version will attract down sizers.

  • fabri99

    This is terrible. The old Fiesta looked perfect, it had its own character. This one looks like a Nissan Pulsar. And not in a good way. It goes from the best selling small car and the best looking one too, to a bland hatchback.

  • Vangelis Goulis

    So they though it was a good idea to just copy the new Corsa!!!

  • Sabman

    Chevy Bolt?

  • Christian

    No news on engines?

    • Benjamin B.

      Article says there’ll be a range of naturally aspirated and turbocharged (i.e. EcoBoost) three cylinder petrol/gasoline engines as well as a new turbocharged 1.5L diesel (EcoBlue). The ST model hasn’t been unveiled. It’ll either get a retuned 1L EcoBoost, with over 200bHP, or a 1.5L EcoBoost. Europe will get both 3- and 5-door hatchback models. USA, Russia, and China markets will probably also a 4-door sedan, but that model hasn’t been unveiled. Ford also failed to mention in the video anything about the mid-level Zetec (SE in America) or entry-level (S in America) trims.

      • Christian

        Yes. No news yet……

  • Bananarama

    It’s evolutionary and boring… The old Fiesta had more character and was better proportioned. This has grown way too much and is encroaching on the Focus now. The rear end is very conservative and bland now, compared to the more unique one on the outgoing one. Vertical tail lights are more suiting of this car than the horizontal parts-bin ones here.

    Yes the detailing and general lines are more modern and refined, but it’s compromised the fun-factor the old one had.

    • smartacus

      i agree, the old one had a ton more character

  • 59soni

    So 5-door only??

    • CarsfromFuture

      Did you not look at the Photos? There’s a 3-door white version shown multiple times.

    • SgtBeavis

      There is a white 3 door pictured.

      • 59soni

        Oh nice! Completely missed it.

  • alexxx

    well…the exterior of last gen was so good that they couldnt do much about it honestly… but the interior is miles ahead…

  • Nordschleife
  • TheBelltower

    It’s a solid and smart design. The rear has lost some of its character though. Ford seems to be very tame with the evolution of some of their latest cars and SUVs.

  • Ilbirs×673.jpg

    The exterior of the Mk7 Fiesta shows clearly the evolutionary approach when compared to the Mk6. By looking at the roof arch, it has a less pronounced curvature, freeing up more headroom to the rear occupants and solving one of the weak points of the model to be succeeded:

    In the interior we see the same kind of screen showed in the restyled Mk2 EcoSport showed in Los Angeles: a 1DIN space with an 8-inch screen raising from its base and showing some Peugeot-ish influence in its layout:

    Front legroom was also something that worried Ford designers, as can be seen by the flat bottom steering wheel that leaves more space to people with long femurs, no matter how tall or short is the driver, as we’re here talking about some human proportions that can vary from individual to individual.

    Looking at the front row, I have the nitid impression that Ford will jump off the bandwagon of Lamborghini-esques center consoles that invaded all kind of vehicle and not only subtract leg and hiproom but also the possibility of going out the car by the door not blocked by a pillar in some narrow spots. I hope we see this in other models from the brand and this thing starting a trend to be followed not only by the Blue Oval but also by other automakers, because we can’t stand this hype of tall consoles anymore.
    I’m still waiting for more data and specs of the Mk7, but in general it looks well designed overall. I hope it still keeps the good things of the Mk6 and solves most the cons we know.

  • Matthijs

    Looks a bit more mature and still recognizable as the current one that is still very popular. Smart choice. Interior looks allright, not a big fan of the ‘ipad’. btw, the nose reminds me of the previous Mazda2

  • hwkr_01

    theyre putting Bang & Olufsen sound systems in these now? Thats a big leap for a sub compact.

  • Benjamin B.

    No four cylinder petrol/gasoline engine available? I’m interested in the full ST model. Wager whether it’ll use a retuned 1L EcoBoost or a 1.5L?

  • i like the facelift design ,))

  • Benjamin B.

    Is the Active model raised/lifted? It looks taller.


  • Ralph
  • Tumbi Mtika

    This is great! That interior is amazing!!!

    (of course, minus the giant iPad touchscreen display)

    • Tumbi Mtika


      I finished looking through the gallery…

  • Six Thousand Times

    The interior’s nicer. I’m glad they kept a three-door. The soft reader is stupid.

  • Shobin Drogan

    Looks much better on the outside, the center dash on the inside looks remarkably similar to that of the 208’s though.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Looks nice, but pretty much like everything else in its category.

  • Miknik

    Not bad, but to my eyes to much “Audi A4 levels of spot the difference”. A little more progress on the outside would have been welcome, especially I’m not sure moving the front end towards a 1990ies jelly mold shape is the right way. Interior though is a huge improvement, makes you wonder why Ford didn’t do more at the Focus FL or especially the newly released Kuga/Escape facelift….

  • Vassilis

    Not bad but I can’t say I love it.

  • salamOOn

    finally a ford with nice interior.
    however its too bad it is a mashup of new hyundai i30 and peugeot 208 interiors…. 😛

  • Axiom Ethos

    Improved interior with a watered down exterior. I wouldn’t buy it for the looks and it’s certainly quite a bargain little hot hatch. There wasn’t too much change needed to the exterior to be honest. If anything sticks out it’s that the new grille looks weak and tiny compared to the old one. And it’s got some weird grin shape going on around the bottom edges of it. Why send a dentist when it aint broke.

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