Custom Porsche Cayman Stuns With Its OTT Widebody Kit

Quite often, we stumble upon crazy renderings of sports cars with dramatically flared wheel arches and outlandish bodykits. For the most part, these bold visual transformations remain a fantasy, but there are some owners brave enough to make them a reality.

This Porsche Cayman, for example, has been installed with a custom bodykit that is so over-the-top and yet so badass that we’re left wondering how it could possibly be topped.

Details about this particular Cayman are limited, but the changes are hard to miss, as they include incredibly wide wheel arches, a large bootlid lip spoiler, bright green roll cage, a new exhaust system and, perhaps most incredible of all, wheels and tires so wide they’d look at home on a top fuel dragster.

Evidently, major work has been done to the suspension system with the car sitting so low that it is literally scraping on leaves, and there are also unique side skirts, an entirely revised front fascia and a set of Recaro race seats.



    • Andrewthecarguy


  • ugly. I usually love widebody.. but this.. just weird and wrong.

  • Belthronding Tinuviel

    it looks like he/she put every single useless parts on the car which he found in his/her garage.

  • fabri99

    I actually like it quite a lot. The wheels are all wrong though.

  • Auf Wiedersehen


  • KidRed

    Don’t get behind this car on wet roads.

  • JoeMosely

    It’s ok but I’d just prefer a factory wide body 991 or my wide bodied 997. I guess I’d have to see it in real life. Also would need to know how much this cost.

  • John Belk

    Love Sports Cars!!! However, this is an uncaring A$$hole who’ll be throwing debris off those unexposed rear tires…seriously??? Hope the owner gets stuck on an unpaved, rock infested road…surrounded by uncaring A$$holes…. Get some mudflaps…FAIL!!!

    • Walt Bucci

      Ur trailer park moneyless, tobacco chewing Trump degenerate classless envious demagogue

  • p00pman

    Sooo uggg. But for those complaining about the the tires not having mud flaps, throwing up stuff… pickups have a lot more exposed tire with deeper tread capable of picking up debris than this… *shrug*

  • drc


  • Suicide_Note

    From the front things don’t look too bad. However, as you move around the car too the rear, things go downhill very fast. This is just a big fat NO.

  • SteersUright

    Nice idea, poor design. The idea of a beautiful wide body adding to a sports car’s design is in it looking as OEM as possible. This looks all tacked on and aftermarket. Still, it shows a lot of potential with some tweaks.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    We may have different tastes. It is awful to me. My brain reads it as the perfect ride for a pimp or a douche.

  • Rick Alexander

    I don’t know why there’s so many negative comments. This car is by no means “ugly”. I could do without the tacked on look of the bodykit. However, Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny, and Rauh Welt, have made this look all the rage so… The color combination works too. The wheels are a bit too big, as they look cartoonish in relation to the rest of the car. I would have chose black or all silver as opposed to white, which cheapens the looks of the wheels. The car looks purpose built, and the craftsmanship appears to be of good quality. This is a picture after all. I’d be curious to know how this performs, in comparison to a stock Cayman of the same year. Otherwise, me likey!

  • geolemon

    So close, yet so far! If it were properly molded in rather than looking screwed-on, it would compliment elegantly rather than contrast obnoxiously.

    And that would likely also fix the two rearward-facing ‘points’ on the rear flares under the taillights, that make what look like creases in both the body and the flare, since there’s natural shadowing occurring with the metallic paint.
    Those ‘points’/creases combined with the four round holes that were added to the rear bumper make it look like there’s a bumper that fell off, which I’m sure isn’t the look they were going for. It’s particularly awkward, because in this state of investment, it certainly begs the question “Why didn’t you just buy a 2 year old 911 instead?”

    Mold the kit in properly, eliminate the round holes (or move them to maybe two holes total, on either side of the license plate), and this thing would transform into something rivaling supercars in visual impact.
    …and if they didn’t take similar “good enough!” shortcuts under the flares as well – might even perform in a way rivaling supercars as well!

  • Graeme White

    it looks like the work of this Guy