Future Cars: Jaguar’s Beautiful I-PACE Translated Into Production Form

Well, many certainly weren’t expecting that; I’m talking about Jaguar’s surprise all-electric, I-Pace reveal at last month’s Los Angeles International Motor Show. By gosh, it’s a beautiful looking thing; taking the best elements of the carmaker’s design language and applying them onto a svelte, coupe-like body.

Usually, things get lost in translation from concept to production guise; so departing from my spyshot-based tradition, I’ve rendered what a production version may look just by making a few ‘nip-tuck’ adjustments here and there.

Svelte Styling:

Fortunately, the I-Pace already has a rather production-ready shape. All that was needed was a subtle raise of the roof line, bigger mirrors, reshaped lower front and rear bumpers – plus some conventional door handles.

Many commentators weren’t so keen on the ‘mandatory-for-anything-electric’ blue accents around the lower portion of the body. So they have been removed and replaced with body-painted scollops that add dynamism to the side profile.

Revolutionary Cockpit:

As for the driver-orientated interior; expect the production version to closely mirror the concept, although the more abstract details are expected to make way for a more conventional appearance.

What it will retain is its 5-seat layout, impressive occupant space and luggage capability. That HUD and iPhone-mimicking haptic feedback is also welcome to stay. All in all, what you see plus some tweaks is what we’ll get.

Instant Torque:

The I-Pace’s electric powertrain is the other part of the jaw-dropping equation. It’ll be Jaguar’s first foray into a dedicated electric model.

Packing 400hp and 516 lb-ft, it should be no slouch with the 0-60mph (96km/h) sprint taking around four seconds. An expected range of 220 miles (350+ km) comes from a 90kWh lithium-ion battery pack, suppling power for the two electric motors mounted on each axle.

All Paw Handling:

Along with performance, Jaguar has developed the I-Pace with handling prowess in mind; all-wheel-drive, double wishbone suspension up front and an integral link out back, should make the drive as exciting as it looks.

As for the production model launch, look for a reveal of the I-Pace in late 2017, with sales starting early 2018. There’s no word on pricing at this stage.

So there we have it; Tesla’s Model X finally has a competitor – one with some very sharp claws.

By Josh Byrnes

Photo Renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes

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