Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Is In For A Facelift, Too

Daimler’s current development list is quite long, as it was revealed in their road map earlier this year.

From the A-Class to the S-Class, most models are bound to be either facelifted or replaced, and the German brand’s luxury division, Maybach, follows this trend by getting ready to roll out an updated S-Class of their own.

Captured on camera briefly while out for a few short runs, the luxurious model tries to hide its exterior modifications behind a few layers of vinyl. These include tweaked lighting units on both ends and some work carried out on the bumpers, probably in a similar tone with the regular S-Class.

The latter is poised to gain all sort of new technology and cabin updates too, but it’s uncertain whether all or just some will be applied to the Maybach-badged version too, although comfort and luxury levels will probably be even higher, especially for the rear passengers.

The revamped Maybach limo is expected to be launched sometime next year, but no official date has yet been announced.