Qatari Dune-Bashing Video Shows Impressive Off-Road Antics

‘Drive it like you stole it’ seems to be the motto for some petrol heads living in the Middle East, who have often amazed the internet with their extremely dangerous driving abilities.

From high-speed drifting, and sometimes flipping over or causing severe accidents, to dune-bashing videos like this one, they seem to be very well into having fun, don’t they?

In this case, enthusiasts have gathered on the sand dunes in Qatar with their off-roaders to prove their skills. So, what should you expect? Well, in short, just about everything, from old and new Nissans, Toyotas, Mercedes-Benzs and other SUVs and pickups being driven flat-out on the sand, that’s what.

Obviously, there is a certain amount of risk on these heroics, but as long as nobody gets injured, we might just sit back and watch a very different car culture.