Rinspeed Bringing Oasis Concept To 2017 CES & NAIAS [w/Video]

Rinspeed’s self-driving Oasis Concept is here to win over people looking to catch a glimpse into the future of urban motoring.

This practical and maneuverable Swiss vehicle is by no means just a functional machine like the Google Car, but rather the “real thing” when it comes to what we can expect from the so-called car of the future.

The Oasis can be many things to many people, from a small delivery vehicle to a regular full-electric commuting car. Its cabin features two armchairs, a sideboard, TV, virtual and augmented reality 5K widescreen and a multifunction steering wheel that is truly…multifunctional (turns into a keyboard or work surface).

And yes, you can apparently grow flowers, radishes or even little Bonsai trees right under the windscreen, but that’s hardly the sole purpose of this highly connected, fully-autonomous concept – you can use it as an office on wheels and you can share it with other users that need a ride.

By the way, when you’ve decided its time to pick up a passenger, you can choose who you want to share your car with by interest or profession with an innovative app from MHP.

In terms of connectivity, the car’s personal assistant is also available to the owner from within his smart home thanks to the Harman Cloud Platform. As for its fancy 5K display, it uses holographic laser projection technology developed by WayRay, thus making the area covered by displays significantly larger than in conventional head-up displays used today.

The Oasis concept will be on display at CES in the Hard Rock Hotel within the Harman Venue from January 4th through 7th, and from January 9th through the 22nd at NAIAS in Detroit.



  • PB

    This is where the future is, assuming there is still an intelligent First-world in 20 years time.

  • Maxime01

    When engineers think they can get away with design…

  • Amusement Park Ride

    For some reason when I look at the exterior design I want to gather several of these and go at it like bumper cars. Bumping and banging the crap out of them.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Better wheels than the Google car. Just making an observation…

    Also while the car shuttles you around, you could get drunk and screw (not pictured.)

  • gary4205


  • It had to be ugly.