All-New 2017 Seat Ibiza Turns Up The Heat In The Supermini Segment

The brand new Seat Ibiza is finally official, entering its fifth generation with a new platform and more on-board technology than ever.

For this generation, Seat is ditching the three-door and wagon bodystyles, offering the new Ibiza only as a five-door model.

The adoption of the new MWB A0 platform is making also its debut in the new Seat Ibiza and is expected to also underpin the next VW Polo and Skoda Fabia superminis. Compared to its predecessor, the new Ibiza features a 95mm longer wheelbase while being 87mm wider, 2mm shorter and 1mm lower from it.

The increased dimensions give the new Ibiza a more spacious cabin and a bigger by 63lt luggage space, which scores 355lt in total capacity. The engine range will remain the same more or less, with a new 147hp 1.5-litre TSI engine making its debut next to a three-cylinder 1.0-litre TSI with either 93 or 113hp.

A five-speed manual will equip the lesser-powered models, with a six-speed manual offered in the more powerful ones. A seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox will also be available.

FR-spec models will be the sportier version, coming with a more dynamic appearance, courtesy of a rear diffuser, exclusive front bumper and exterior black pack. The suspension will also be stiffer and offer four settings, Comfort, Eco, Sport and Individual.

The interior features an infotainment system that comes either with a 5.0-inch or an 8.0-inch touchscreen display, a wireless charger with GSM amplifier, Apple Car Play, Android Auto and Mirror Link. Audiophiles will be pleased to know that now there’s an option for a Beats 300W audio system as well.

Seat has also given the new Ibiza an impressive list of driver assistance systems, including Front Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control.

The new Spanish supermini will make its public debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show this March.

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  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddd they finally put a bit of color in their dashboards.

    • Rafał Szychowski

      But it looks awful, Nissan new Micra’s interior looks way much better.

      • Giorgos Papaspyros

        No Nissan product will ever match the interior quality of a VAG one. 😉
        The Ibiza interior looks neat and modern.

        • Rafał Szychowski

          You live in a different reality, the truth is Seat’s interior are cheap and shoddy, Nissan using great materials to finish the dashboard of new Micra like eco-leather front panels and real metal.

          • Giorgos Papaspyros

            Nissan interiors are crappy., they have always been.
            Nissan was never renown for its interior quality.
            You ‘d better judge for yourself when you are talking.
            Living in your own universe perhaps?

          • TheHake

            I agree. Even the Qashqai and X-Trail interiors are crappy. Great cars otherwise.

  • Rafał Szychowski

    Interior looks outdated, cheap and unattractive just like in Fabia.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      What makes you say outdated?
      Just curious.

      • Rafał Szychowski

        For example air vents into the cabin look as in cars of the 90s, dashboard which looks like a hewn with an ax. No finesse, no modernity.

        • Giorgos Papaspyros

          On the contrary I find the vents straight lines influenced by a whole bunch of other products.
          Take a look at the interior of a Passat or a Superb.

          • Obsequious Lickspittle

            Perhaps a bit generic then but with color?

          • Giorgos Papaspyros

            Not generic but rather trendy.

          • Obsequious Lickspittle

            VAG cars?!

          • Rafał Szychowski

            Trendy in opinion of people living unrealistically.

          • Giorgos Papaspyros

            Having some trouble? Take some fresh air.

          • Rafał Szychowski

            Look at the interior of Mazda 6 or new Opel Insignia and then tell me about ‘the other products’. Passat and Superb are same generic as whole VAG cars.

        • Obsequious Lickspittle


    • Kaisuke971

      It’s rather simplistic, but not outdated at least for its segment

      • Rafał Szychowski

        It’s your opinion, you know mine.

      • fabri99

        My thoughts exactly. It looks like the ones you’d find in a VW, just a little more…sad. Or cheap.

      • Giorgos Papaspyros

        I agree that the simplicity is the current trend in design cues.
        However I find the Ibiza interior lines rather sharp.

  • uS’gedlemba

    VAG’s brands look way too similar, this looks like a Leon & Polo mashed together.

    • Kaisuke971

      Well that’s what it is

  • fabri99

    Genuinely thought this was a Leon.

  • Is this a facelift?

  • Carenthusiast

    This will be a big seller just like current Seat Leon. No wonder they’ve made Ibiza identical to Leon coz it’s been a winning design for the brand. Pre Leon launch, Seat was almost dying but now they are doing pretty well.
    Now Fabia looks embarrassingly ugly!

  • Ilbirs

    By what can be apprehended in the story, this MQB-A0 Ibiza has:

    Length: 4.06 m (159.8 in.)
    Width: 1.78 m (70 in., something equivalent to the Golf VII, being exceptionally wide for a small car)
    Height: 1.44 m (56.7 in.)
    Wheelbase: 2.56 m (100.7 in.)

    Below you can see the dimensions of the succeeded Ibiza:

    I have an impression that small cars underpinned by MQB are small only when it comes to length, but not that short as can be noticed in this first A0 spec. We have a car as wide as a Golf, something I consider “deformed” maybe due to be the lower limit possible to the base and raising doubt about how roomy it will be for second row passengers. I myself got surprised about the Golf VII in this field, with a too tall center tunnel robbing some good rear legroom. Looks like VW got so obsessed over MQB that forgot other possibilities for its small cars, like a wider (specially in the engine bay to allow four-pot units) and longer version of the NSF underpinnings that can be found in the up!, taking advantage from the shorter front overhang allowing both a better approach angle and more of the length being used by the cabin and trunk.
    As the Polo VI will be a world product, probably it’ll be shortened to the 4-meter mark (157.48 in.) to fit a more friendly Indian taxation. If sold in Japan, it’d fall on the so-called “Class 3” (popular name due to the first number of the plate) as its width is beyond 1.7 m (66.9 in.) instead of falling under the “Class 5”, which width limit is 1.7 m (66.9 in.). OK, Japan isn’t a significant market for automakers from outside, but I left this example just for us to know what can be expected from the next incarnation of this compact model. Maybe it’d be so close in size to the Golf that problems can occur when it comes to differentiate them.

  • alexxx

    very nice outside…inside,to simple as always…
    side/window profile similarly as clio..not a bad thing,just saying…

  • haudit

    A nice evolution of the Ibiza’s styling themes, marrying some cues from the older car with some from the Leon. It isn’t startlingly new, but it’s handsome enough in a restrained, classy sort of way. Similarly, the interior styling isn’t groundbreaking in any way, and there’s an air of familiarity from the Skoda Fabia, but it’s much more appealing than the sea of cheap, mismatched plastics in the older model.

    The underpinnings and the packaging are the most interesting aspect for me. The new A0 iteration of the MQB platform seems to have freed up a lot of space within its 95mm longer wheelbase and 87mm increased width, as the 355-litre boot volume is only 25 litres shy of the larger Leon/Golf twins, and a substantial 40 litres larger than the Ford Focus.


  • bs

    nothing interesting, boring as hell, germans buy

  • TheHake

    I think it looks great, but I do find it strange that they made it look almost exactly like the Leon, which design is old enough to have had a face-lift already…

    • Vassilis

      I think it’s a good decision. They made the car look upper-class, fresh (particularly with the LEDs) and it fits the 5door design perfectly.

      • TheHake

        I agree it looks great, but I would have thought they would use a but more ‘evolved’ design from the Leon.

  • Vassilis

    Love this thing. I think it looks fantastic and they finally gave the Ibiza a bit of a higher class image. It was long overdue.

    • Alfie4

      Is this the best they could do? Nondescript and lacking any design flair. Definitely Renault Clio in the rear view. “Spirit De Emotion” Really?

      • Vassilis

        Looks are subjective. The only thing at the rear that looks like the Clio are the exhausts which look similar to the RS’. Absolutely nothing else.

  • Nieko

    Ok while some of us might not like VW, Others do really like cars from the VAG Group like the ones from Skoda and Seat for the Budget Brand, Audi and Bentley for the Rich !!! I mean Seat is starting to Sell really well in countries never expected like the UK, Ireland , France and Spain while over at Skoda they are having great sales around Euro and also India and China …So it might be that Skoda and Seat are the most Important brand in the whole group …
    How I wish Skoda would come back to Malaysia …..They used to Sell the Fabia , Octavia and the Superb here …at that time you could get a Fabia at the a price of the Honda Jazz ..this was 2005 the year before SsangYong , Kia and Hyundai were popular …… and lets not forget VW came to Malaysia in 2006 as a locally assembled brand with a huge after service program …
    Yes every Japanese make might be reliable and solid but one must remember Europeans have deferent taste for them even an Base spec VW Polo might be Beautiful for them ..that is why you don’t see a lot of Toyotas new Euro spec Yaris (the one with the big X on its face ) in Most euro nations …..
    Oh and lets not forget Skodas were so respected by every Malaysian… even Proton bought 20 units of the Octavia for R&D evaluation for Protons own new models at that time ie the Budget priced Saga and Exora MPV …
    SO PLEASE VOLKSWAGEN !!!! Bring back Skoda !!!!

  • Ok the outside is far from bad, just the tail lights are really too small… But inside, as the Joker would say “why look so serious???” and I would add so German and boring?!?! Auto emotion? lol

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