All-New Toyota Supra Caught Winter Testing With Some Changes

While the new Toyota Supra will be closely related to the 2018 BMW Z5 roadster, the former will only be available as a coupe.

On the plus side, the new Supra will feature a double bubble roof (which we knew already) and short overhangs, which is always a cool thing on a sports car.

Spied here undergoing winter testing, this latest prototype reveals some new details, including the rear lights and front bumper that further differentiate it from the Z5 testers. The tail lamps used here have a longer and sharper design (FT-1 Concept style), though the graphics remain a mystery. Up front, there are bigger air inlets, which we couldn’t see before due to the heavier camouflage.

Regarding its overall appearance, we’ll have to wait until Toyota drops more camouflage from their prototypes in order to get a better picture. Even so, thanks to this latest batch of spy pics, even recent renderings such as this one don’t seem all that accurate anymore.

In terms of power, aside from all the possible 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder BMW units that could make their way into the Supra, we expect some type of hybrid technology to be present. Our spy photographers said that earlier sightings of the Supra sounded as if the cars were in some type of “electric mode”. What that will mean in terms of performance is still uncertain, but reports suggest that Toyota is developing a hybrid powertrain based on a turbocharged V6 engine, with a combined (petrol+electric) output of about 400 HP for the range-topping version of the car.

As for the interior of the Supra, we’ve seen a few images but given that the testers look so close to BMW, our guess is that they’re just sharing parts for now with the production models to carry completely different cabins.

Toyota’s all-new Supra is rumored to come out and play about a year after BMW will launch their Z5. In other words, we’ll have to wait until 2018 for this one.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops


  • Tumbi Mtika

    Looks like the nose is F1 inspired now. Nevertheless, my hope for this will be restored yet!

  • Zed68

    Don’t be so sure that the nose is very different from the early renders… The central part of the nose make a little bulge under the camouflage, and seems to be actually higher than the “textured” part. the global nose shape could actually be very similar to what we imagined.

  • chris pinkston

    Looks like crap. Really hope production model looks much better

    • Tumbi Mtika

      It has camo on it for christ’s sake…

  • Espnrefugee0218

    Too much thought has gone into this car. Just bring back the 2jz motor and let’s roll. This car will not live up to the real Supra

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Oh, ye of little faith. We cannot move forward if we keep looking too much into the past.

  • Tuan Cao
  • SteersUright

    These disguised prototypes do not indicate much in the way of a beautiful car coming from BMW/Toyota. It does, at the very least, seem different and somewhat interesting. Though they really need to get the details right on the front & read fascia’s. Im seeing traces of BRZ design in this as well for some reason (NOT a good thing).

    • Zandit75

      Toyota are no longer in the business of beautiful cars..
      This may be the one exception, but there is still a lot of work to do yet.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Still holding on to the hope that there’ll be a non-hybrid six…

  • Six_Tymes

    please look good, please look good when the camo comes off.

  • Mark S

    Looks like a modern Supra to me. I will take mine in burgundy please..

  • Jall Y.

    In which country are they testing?

    • Tuan Cao


  • Kaido Alex

    Will this have engines similar to that of the Mark X?

    • Tuan Cao

      I think the same TT V6 from the new LS500.

  • Tuan Cao
  • Tuan Cao
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