Ferraris & McLarens Among 640k Vehicles Added To Takata Passenger Airbag Recall

If you thought we were done with all the Takata airbag recalls, think again. It’ll take some time yet before all the problematic inflators are replaced, and they keep on adding more to the list.

The latest expansion relates not to the driver’s airbag located in the steering wheel, but to the front passenger airbag in the dashboard. We’ve already seen three major manufacturers add nearly 2.5 million to the count, and now another 13 automakers have expanded the campaign by an additional 640k+ vehicles.

Included among them are exotic automakers like Ferrari and McLaren, which are calling in certain California, 458, FF, and MP4-12C supercars. Both those only amount to 1,184 vehicles between them. Another 825 Fisker Karma, 1,964 Mitsubishi i-MiEV, and 2,997 Tesla Model S electrified vehicles are implicated as well. But the largest numbers come from Subaru (185,773), Nissan (152,554), Mercedes-Benz (103,406), Mazda (93,812), BMW (48,380), Volkswagen (33,421), and Jaguar Land Rover (16,960). Included in those totals are brands like Audi and Infiniti.

Though some of the automakers are recalling vehicles from across the United States all at once, others are focusing first on southern states, where the front passenger airbag inflators are more likely to rupture, potentially sending shrapnel flying into the occupant’s face.

These latest additions to the recall roster comes to 641,262 vehicles, on top of the 2,484,613 already announced by Toyota, Honda, and Ford. That brings the total number of vehicles being recalled to replace those passenger airbag modules up to 3,125,875 units across the United States. Some of these vehicles have already been serviced to have their driver’s airbags replaced and will need to come in again, while others yet to be attended to will have both modules replaced at the same time. Want to know where yours stands? Head over to the NHTSA website and enter your vehicle identification number.

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