Holden Astra Sedan Puts A Fresh Face On The Chevy Cruze Down Under

Holden may be relegated to importing and rebadging other GM products since the end of its manufacturing operations, but it will still offer products unique to the Australian market. Like the new Astra sedan.

Based on the same architecture as the “>Astra hatchback and Chevy Cruze, the Astra sedan was engineered in Germany, designed in America, and will be manufactured in Korea – all with specific traits to the Aussie market.

Little in the way of technical specifications were released together with the announcement and accompanying photos. But it seems clear that what we’re looking at is essentially a Cruze with a new face designed to match that of the new Commodore – itself a rebadged and reskinned Opel Insignia.

Together with the coupe and five-door hatch, the Astra sedan promises to give Holden a wider array of small-car offerings. This will be the thirteenth in a total of 24 new products Holden aims to launch Down Under by the end of this decade – all of them rebadged from other markets. The little sedan is scheduled to launch in May, following the new Trax that hits showrooms in February.

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