Malfunctioning Safety Systems Prompt US Recall Of 135k Volkswagens

Modern cars are significantly safer thanks to the widespread implementation of electronic aids like anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control. But they’re only good when they actually, you know, work. That’s why the Volkswagen Group is recalling over 135,000 vehicles in the United States alone.

The recall notice posted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that the ABS computer might fail when the ABS or ESC are activated, “possibly causing a loss of vehicle control.”

That’d be bad news in some conditions, so VW is calling in certain 2009 and 2010 models. Included among them are examples of the Golf (including those badged as Rabbits and GTIs), Jetta (and Jetta SportWagen), Eos, and Audi A3s, totaling and estimated 135,683 vehicles.

Although a timeframe for undertaking the recall has yet to be issued, rectifying the issue will involve testing and (where necessary) updating the software for the ABS control module.

The last recall we saw of this size from Volkswagen (owning nothing to diesel emissions) was this past October, when the automaker recalled over 140,000 Audi crossovers (along with another 140k vehicles) due to various fuel leaks.

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  • Bruce K

    Honestly, I don’t get how anyone would buy a car from this company anymore…