This Fat-Bottom 1989 BMW E30 Has An E36 M3 Engine, Lambo Doors And Testarossa Strakes

BMW’s E30 generation 3-Series has many fans, some of whom even see it as a collectible. Not this owner, who saw a 1989 325i Convertible as a blank canvas for what we can only describe as a kitschy build full of 1980s and 1990s tuning references.

Lamborghini-style scissor doors; check. Ferrari Testarossa side strakes; check. A fat bottom Koenig-style body kit; check. Deep dish front and ridiculously deeper rear rims; check that too. Oh, did we mention that it also comes with a dab of late 1990s tech in the form of LCD screens incorporated in the headrests?

The seller, who posted the ad on Craigslist, saved the “best” for last, as this Bavarian Frankenstein features a BMW M3 E36-sourced straight-six engine under the hood.

Said to be in ‘excellent’ condition with the odometer indicating 80,000 miles (128,747 km), this BMW E30 will set you back for a whopping $19,999, something the seller thinks is totally worth it:

“No offers without seeing the car, it’s worth every red cent, you’ll obviously never see anything like this again. The body kit doesn’t exist in the US, this is a strictly German wide-body kit.”


  • datCubanguy

    Is this some kind of joke?..the invoice is riddled with grammatical mistakes!..timing chein?…signatur?..come on now!!

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • TheHake


  • fabri99

    It’s the rims that bothers me the most though.

  • mesomachines

    I love the spelling on the “Invoices” This car needs to be stanced for the full look, but somebody spent a lot of time realizing their unique vision.