Toyobaru Have No Plans For Turbocharged, Convertible BRZ & 86

Subaru has confirmed what was already on everyone’s minds – the current generation BRZ won’t get a turbocharged, STI or convertible version.

Speaking to MotorAuthority, unnamed officials within the Japanese automaker said the company will proceed with only the existing model for this generation. Since the BRZ is basically the same car as the Toyota 86, the same goes for the latter as well.

This means that the two affordable sports cars, which went through a mid-cycle facelift last year, will continue to come as two-door coupes, sharing the same 2.0-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder boxer engine that pushes 200 to 205hp (depending on the model) to the rear wheels.

Whether the two companies will give the next-generations of the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 that have been already confirmed a turbocharged engine and a convertible body style, is anyone’s guess at this point.

In the meantime, if you happen to be a BRZ or 86 owner on the lookout for more power, tuning companies should have you covered. Depending on your budget, the sky is the limit. And if you don’t believe so, then you obviously haven’t heard about the 86 powered by a 4.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, salvaged from a totaled Ferrari 458 Italia.


  • Kash

    I understand not doing a convertible, it’d just be too costly, but they could also potentially sell enough of them to make it worth it, but the no to turbo is a little shocking. Especially since turbocharging can help with emissions, but hey, If they don’t wanna go that route they don’t have to.

    • Aquaflex

      The next gen BRZ/86 will be turbo if not it’s totally dead…

  • pngrant54

    Its too late to do a turbo in this generation anyway. The car was not engineered for it. Version 2 could hve
    a turbo. Or it could be made lighter by 100 LBS, get a dual mass flywheel and get another 10 HP power bump
    and a 5 LB torque bump. The changes would it quicker to 60 by 1/2 to 3/4 of a second.

    • Aquaflex

      Nobody will buy it. People want it to have a freaking turbo like in the WRX. Just put in the next generation WRX engine into the BRZ/86 and keep the weight around 2900 pounds and RWD and this car will be special. So we are taking at least 300HP because even the current WRX is underpowered with only 268 ish HP. Unless they want to go really special and put in a flat 6 engine but Subaru don’t have the balls to do that…a next gen 2.0 liter flat 4 turbo is all the next gen WRX/86 needs. It will be 2020 before this sucker comes out so they got plenty of time.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    200 HP is too low in 2017. They should both be in the 230s/250s to be really relevant. I am starting to think to get a car in Taiwan and they are among the cars i tend to like. But really spending that money to buy something so underpowered has really no meaning. A Subaru WRX would be much better at this stage. Even a Nissan 370Z, despite the age and it being in a different league.

    • Aquaflex

      Yeah where is the next gen NIssan Z car? It’s gotta be close to being revealed? Hopefully Honda is still working on the next generation S2000! So many people want that one to come out too like the next generation Supra. But I think the new Supra is gonna be a flop…

      • Mill0048

        Yeah, and so many people want the Toyobaru twins to be Supras. They need to be differentiated. The Toyobaru cars could have a reasonable horsepower rating, like 250-300, and can compete with the Z in price and performance. Then the Supra can continue to be the big dog. I’m still not sure of their market position for that car — Corvette competition or Skyline competition. I’m betting closer to Corvette.

        • Aquaflex

          The new Supra needs to be well over 400 HP closer to 500 HP. The twins needs to be around 250-275 HP like at least WRX level power. 200 HP is not enough for the price…

          The new Z will probably use the twin turbo V6 they dropped into the Infiniti so it will be fine as long as the price and weight is not crazy…400 HP is great for that car…

          • Mill0048

            I think this week MotorTrend just posted something about that too. Saying there would potentially be a few engine options on the next Z, including the new Infiniti sixes. Really, even their new turbo 2.0 sounds good for the next Z too.

      • Wandering_Spirit
  • Vassilis


  • mz

    No turbo? Guess they are just letting the model die then… Nobody is buying them anymore.

  • pngrant54

    With a car like the 86 and BRZ putting a turbo on means you have to upgrade a lot parts on the car including the engine. So instead of a 28 grand car you are looking at a 38 grand car. The reason Subaru can keep the WRX price within reason is that it shares a platform with the Imprezza. The BRZ/86 is always going to be a much smaller volume car. Therefore if for Subaru and Toyota to keep the price under 30 grand they can’t turbocharge it. A 370Z stripped starts at 30 grand and goes up to 40 grand with options. It does not have the handling finesse of the BRZ/86 but it does have that front heavy V6. If Subaru and Toyota lighten the car(version 2) by 100 LBs or so and up the HP by 15 it will be a 51/2 second 0-60 car. That’s a good value in the mid to high 20K range. Bottom line-make it faster than that and pay a lot more money!

  • Trackhacker

    I really think the replacement of the 86/BRZ will be the new Supra that Toyota & BMW are working on. I highly doubt there will be a 2nd gen 86/BRZ. Sales are too low for them to continue.
    Also 200hp is more than enough power….not sure what everyone is complaining about in the comments. I expected better from enthusiasts. You guys should know a car is more fun when it’s balanced. The only reason why cars today have so much power is because they are super heavy. Also, if they ever did add a Turbo to the 86/BRZ(Which they won’t) the price would skyrocket and it won’t solve anything. Look at the 370…sales are horrid. It’s a 2 door sports car. Not much potential customers.

    • Mill0048

      I agree that this car doesn’t need 300+ horsepower. I test drove the BRZ twice and 200hp isn’t the problem. It’s the 150 foot pounds of torque only accessible at high RPMs and that nasty torque dip around 4k. It drove like an economy car if you weren’t close to redlining it every gear. That’s where a balanced 2.0l turbo motor would be great for this car. Something like GTI levels of power and torque output would make this car perfect.

  • SteersUright

    The problem with this car has always been that it is a sports car designed and built to meet a marketing team’s criteria rather than true enthusiasts. I think the team’s research went something like this: “Our studies show the design and performance is adequate overall and offends no-one. We can’t understand the slow sales.”

    Just one true sports car enthusiast with any executive power would’ve told the team: it looks way too forgettable, the interior evokes no emotion as well, the engine sound is critical in sports cars and this one sucks, and lastly, not one version was produced that garnered any street or track cred. Where is the BRZ “1LE”, or “R”, or “Sti” or anything?

    Sports car purchases are a decision of passion, not logic. This is a good car by many measures, just not one anyone lusts after for a myriad of reason such as the few mentioned above. Fix it dammit!!!! We ALL want to love this car!!

    • BearClaw

      This car was not made for a marketing team. It was pushed through development by enthusiasts and talented engineers. A marketing team would create a Civic. They have sold over 150,000 of these cars, which is a lot for a niche sports car. It doesn’t need a track edition because it was made for the track to begin with. It was also designed to be cheap and easily customized. So go ahead and create one you will love.

      • SteersUright

        I disagree. While some genuine enthusiasts may have been involved the final product is utterly the result of total moderation and a marketing team having final say. Thus, the beautiful concept was toned down in an effort to clearly offer inoffensive performance and design to as broad an audience possible. The end result though, was a car that inspired passion in no-one.
        The Miata is also built to a price but happens to look great, sound pretty good,and has a much nicer interior.
        The idea behind the BRZ was a noble one, but the final product was very much a marketplace failure. U don’t hesitate to update a winning product, create new variant (a la RS, GT3, etc) and yet all we see is hesitation from Subaru/Toyota for this car’s entire production cycle.

  • pngrant54

    The car was built as an engineering’s dream car that was built to a price. The flat four from Subaru was used because Toyota’s four was too high and was too expensive to certify for emissions. Both cars have a very low center of gravity. That is an integral part of why they handle so well. However when you also build a car to a price you have to use off the shelf parts from economy cars. Subaru had to modify a low torque 2.0 flat four that normally produces 145 to 150 HP to one getting 200HP. Up until the ND Miata and 124 spider no car in it’s price range has had the agility of the Subaru or Toyota twins. Not all sports cars are about straight line acceleration. Certainly none in the mid 25K bracket without a turbo. V6 Camaro’s and Mustangs are not really sports cars. There is the GTI, WRX, Civic SI. There all FWD or AWD. They do not have the agility of a an 86/BRZ nor the RWD character. The ND Miata and 124 are the nearest RWD competition. Perhaps the RF will be more so. However it starts at 31 grand and will probably end up at 35 grand with average options. 2dr RWD sports cars are a relatively rare commodity compared to the FWD/AWD sedans. Even rarer are RWD cars under 30 grand. Subaru and Toyota have to be very careful. Once you get over 30 grand you also have a lot more competition.

    • SteersUright

      You had it right from the start, “built to a price” and all desirability compromised beyond reasonable range outside of a big aftermarket investment. Please dont be offended but the rest sounds like too many excuses. The numbers tell the story and this car has been mostly a bad investment for the two firms. The upcoming Supra may make this car irrelevant altogether depending on how they price the base version.
      The Camaro SS and Mustang GT have models both above and below them so that a large range of options are offered depending on personal taste and budget. The BRZ offers the performance of what could’ve been acceptable at $19k but begins to feel like a pretty bad value at $28k. These cars only offer any kind of performance value at $15k (or less) as used purchases.
      And lastly, the new V6 Camaro is very much a Sports Car and will run circles around a BRZ and looking and sounding infinitely better doing it. The Gti, priced similarly, offers just as much driving fun, yet is a significantly more complete package. And on and on… When someone has between $25-$30k to spend on a performance car, they look at everything, new and used, within their range. And the marketplace has spoken, the BRZ/FRS/86 simply does not end up being the one they buy more often than not. And the reason why not, is what I am addressing. Im not saying it doesn’t have any merit as a fun daily driver because clearly that is not the case.

      • pngrant54

        Lets be clear. First having driven a GTI it is not as much fun to drive as either Miata or a BRZ. I don’t base fun on just being quick in a straight line. A GTI is FWD therefore it is ultimately limited in it’s handling options. Yes it will out accelerate both in a straight line. Second a V6 Camaro will only run circles around a BRZ if it is properly optioned out with the right tire suspension option. The best option on a Camaro is the 1LE. But what do you think that is going to cost. Close to 40 grand. You can’t get a base GT or SS for less than 35 grand(if you can find a dealer who will sell a car like that-Doubtful). What do you thing an average equipped ecoboost Mustang will cost for 2018? Probably 35 to 37 grand. So what your basically saying is if you spend enough money you can get decent sports car. I could not agree with you more. Let me get that 65 grand under my mattress for a 718 Boxster or Cayman!

        • SteersUright

          Don’t be ridiculous. Camaro V6 is every bit a sports car now on the new Cadillac chassis and the 1LE is just $32k MSRP or $27k real world. BRZ is $26-$30k MSRP depending on options so they’re quite close. SS & GT only mentioned because you can score a base model with a V8 for under $30k all day and those, while not as nuanced as a BRZ, are in another league of excitement.
          Gti is a very satisfying performance car and value-driven offering and you’re kidding yourself if you dont think its cross-shopped by enthusiasts who also have real-world needs.
          Im not against the BRZ/86, I think at $15k they make excellent used car options for a fun enthusiast toy. New, and close to $30k for higher trim with the optional goodies (performance package, infotainment, etc) I, personally, would never buy one and clearly neither would most people it appears. The primary reason a performance variant was never developed is because the sales numbers disappointed to such an extent that it became the old, “throwing good money after bad” and manufacturers are understandably in this for the profit. So they invested very minimally in light updates to help recoup a bit more of the development costs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they fall back on Supra/WRX and cancel the BRZ/86 project altogether.
          Next time, give us a proper “GTR” for the common person. An affordable halo sports car, sold at cost, to drive traffic to showrooms and show off your true engineering chops. I say “GTR” as you may know that the first several years the car was sold at a loss and considered a marketing investment to build excitement and interest in Nissans.

  • BearClaw

    If its true the upcoming Supra will have a 2.0 ltr turbo making 255hp for the base car, then there isn’t much chance that Toyota will give this car substantially more power now or in the future.
    I am most excited by the continued interest Toyota shows in the S-FR (II) concept car. Ultralight, rear drive and chuckable with original styling and a low price, I’d buy it without a test drive.

  • pngrant54

    Ridiculous-Well perhaps there might be some year end sales on a 1 LE V6 in December 2017. However being that this is
    a relatively new package I find his very hard to believe on 27K V6 1LE. That’s for a base Camaro 2.0 Turbo.35K is more
    like it. As I’ve said I’ve driven a GTI. Nothing wrong with it. Frankly to me there is nothing all that special about it. Around town
    it’s much like a regular Golf. You really don’t feel like you are in anything that special. At least in a BRZ you feel like you are in
    a sports car. I will admit the V6 in the Camaro sounds great! But it’s too dam big and you can’t see out of the thing. Rear visabilty is frankly poor. I’m sure it does great on the track but I would be stressed out in day to day driving as I would always be concerned about traffic around me. Further I’m not sold on GM build quality compared to a Japanese Car make like Subaru.
    I could spend 27 grand on a BRZ, by a Vishnu open tablet for $500, a UEL header for $500 and $500 on some decent
    tires to replace the Toyota Prius Primacy’s. For under 30 grand I have a very nice handling, reasonable accelerating sportscar with good fuel economy and good reliability. If I’m going to spend upwards of 35K then I would want to wait for the 2018 Mustang GT with the improved Coyote V8 and updated suspension. Like the BRZ you can actually see out of it. In addition it’s a prettier car than a Camaro. At 35K you are also close to a Focus RS and a Subaru WRX STI. Again I would wait for the 2018 model updates on the Subaru. However I’m really not in to 4drs. Further I have read consistently that the Focus RS as very crappy ride on regular roads even in its softest suspension setting. Maybe I should look at a Fiat 124 Spider Abarth.

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