VW’s I.D. Buzz Concept Is Another Electric Microbus For The Future

Volkswagen has introduced the second model in its future range of electric vehicles with the I.D. Buzz Concept.

Celebrating its global premiere at the Detroit Auto Show 2017, the I.D. Buzz Concept has been designed as an all-wheel drive Microbus for the future and incorporates a number of advanced technologies. It follows on from the BUDD-e concept of last year.

Beneath the skin, the Buzz utilizes a large 111 kWh battery that is complemented with one electric motor at the front axle and one at the rear to deliver a total of 369 hp. Volkswagen says the concept can accelerate from 0-60 mph (96 km/h) in a brisk 5 seconds and can travel 270 miles on a predicted U.S. driving cycle.

Perhaps the most important headline of the powertrain is that the battery can be charged to 80 per cent of its capacity in less than 30 minutes with a charging rate of 150 kW. As the concept is underpinned by VW’s MEB platform, the company says a future production variant could easily be equipped with a rear-wheel drive setup delivering 268 hp and drawing power from a smaller 83 kWh battery.

As with the first I.D. concept introduced at the Paris Auto Show last year, the I.D. Buzz Concept offers autonomous driving functions. As a matter of fact, VW says it is the world’s first fully autonomous multi-purpose vehicle. At the simple press of a button, the vehicle’s steering wheel retracts into the instrument panel and the Buzz drives itself thanks to laser sensors, ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors, side view cameras and a front camera. VW says the vehicle’s self-driving abilities could make their way into production in 2025.

Although the overall shape of the I.D. Buzz Concept is quite familiar with the BUDD-e Concept, it does adopt some key new elements. Most notably, the front fascia has been overhauled to better reflect the styling language VW’s future range of I.D. production models will adopt. That includes the intriguing LED headlights, integrated bumpers and wrap-around LED taillights.

In the cabin, the concept makes full use of the bus’s autonomous abilities with front seats that can swivel around, rear seats that can recline and a large central workbench.

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  • j60dnl

    Beyond bored of this Microbus carrot that VW dangles every so often. 16 years since they teased a very similar concept. Numerous concepts later and it reeks of ‘we need to gain some headlines, let’s roll out another microbus concept’. Bitter because I desperately wanted the 2001 Microbus to become a reality. Ditto the 2007 spaceUp and the 2012 Bulli.

    • OdysseyTag

      I hear you there, a constant tease that never materialised. Only to have it appear once again, only this time out of desperation for their move towards e-mobility. I preferred all three of it’s original incarnations which is what makes this a real shame.

  • Ilbirs

    For now what we have is just a static prototype that serves more for rescuing the proposal of the basic lines of T1, T2 and even T3, unmistakeably the most iconic utilitarian vehicles in VW’s history. As we’re talking about a static prototype, we can’t say much about the technical part, as it doesn’t have it further than the cenographic and stays more in a propositive way.
    It’ll take some tome for us to know how it’ll be MEB in production spec, specially considering that Wolfsburg, as any other maker adventuring with large scale production of electrics, will have to deal with important questions beyond range, such as how much this range drops in cold weather, infrastructure for recharging and other aspects we don’t talk when what moves a vehicle is liquid fuel. For now I’m trusting more in the ethanol-powered fuel cell that Nissan is studying.

    I consider the I.D. Buzz a way for VW to show the public some details that could be in a future production model than something to be taken that seriously. Maybe some cues of the future T7, to be released by 2020, are being shown without the majority of people noticing.


    • Six Thousand Times

      The glass curves away, though.

  • SgtBeavis

    My wife is threatening to assasinate VW execs if they don’t put this into production and offer it at a starting price of $45K. Frankly I think the rest of the world might beat her to it.

    • ME

      $45,000 is way too much.

  • Six_Tymes

    awesome design inside and out

  • Afi Keita James

    This maybe the best VW concept I’ve seen and one of the year’s best.

  • ME

    This model seriously needs to come out in the next 6 months. We waited way too long this model to come to play.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Cute in a too cute sort of way. The article seems to say it only has one battery-that cannot be right.

  • rover10

    Absolutely beautiful through out. What is interesting, is the colour combination and how refreshing it looks. As for continuing the legend, yes this is right on target.

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