Wise-Guy Brake Checks A Semi Truck…With A MINI Cooper

Not that you’re ever going to overpower or scare a semi-truck with any type of passenger vehicle, but you would assume that someone driving a MINI – of all cars, would think twice before driving like a jerk in front of a loaded lorry.

But not this guy, who after illegally crossing a double line to overtake a semi-truck in Norway almost came to a full stop and, well, the result is just what you imagined. If we had to guess, the mana was annoyed with the truck driver for not letting him through before the two lanes converged.

The ‘tough guy’ jumping out of the MINI (insert joke here) seemed ready to pick a fight with the trucker, but that never happened.

According to the YouTube posters, “A Mini Cooper is rear-ended after cutting off a 50 ton truck, then coming to a complete stop. Due to the weight of the truck, the driver was unable to stop quickly. The driver of the Mini Cooper was issued fines and his license was suspended for 11 months.”

Could have been a lot worse, as so many dashcam-recorded incidents have shown us.


  • seriously

    Yeah I’m sure the guy laughing on camera while the mini gets over wasn’t driving like a Jerk……would I brake check some ass hole in a semi no but I would bet money he was driving like a Jerk road rage incident for both it looks like

    • aaronbbrown

      Only an idiot does this because it’s a good way to die

      • seriously

        you sound like an idiot to be frank, the guy doesn’t have a job and is looking for a lawsuit? yeah you got that from a video of a truck driver laughing at a guy merging in his lane slowing down in front of him like a child while thr truck driver doesnt even attempt to slow down i stick by my opinion a road rage incident gone wrong for both

        • Axiom Ethos

          The Mini got what he deserved plain and simple. He could have killed several people had he not made that overtake in time, then he obstructs traffic to feed his ego. The truck definitely slowed down (you could hear it), even though it took longer.

        • Christopher Sansom

          Wrong, The Mini driver was a Jerk the truck can’t just stop like a car it could have weighed 40 or 50 ton
          the Mini driver needs to learn how to drive properly

    • Vassilis

      Maybe he cut in in front of the Mini when the lane was merging earlier in the video. Big deal. If he was so pissed he could have driven off after overtaking. No need to brake test. And he’s f*cked because he’s caught on camera overtaking by crossing a double line.

      • uS’gedlemba

        The lanes were converging and looking at the footage, the truck was ahead of the mini…fairgame.

        • europeon

          You have no way of telling how far ahead the truck was. If the Mini was anywhere between truck’s cabin and its trailer (which I most likely it was because of the honk), the truck driver was at fault.

  • aaronbbrown

    Doubtless he’s unemployed and looking for a lawsuit

  • Kash

    He almost causes 1 accident with an illegal pass only to cause another, all on camera. He should have his license taken away for years, not just 11 months.

    Oh, and the best part? The Mini is a rental. lol. I wonder how much he had to pay the rental company.

  • BrucieBruce

    Insane Mini driver. What if the truck driver had been tired after hours on the road. That mini could have been flattened by the semi-truck without even trying.

  • Neil Garratt

    Firstly Mini driver was an idiot but….. if you look at trucks speed relative to silver car it’s apparent that he sped up to intentionally block the Mini overtaking him before the 2 lanes went into 1, why truckers do this is beyond me, it’s not like a car is going to hold them up.

    • Erzhik

      It’s called a zipper merge. Truck driver was doing everything correctly. He merged behind the Mercedes and did it at the very last second, which is exactly what you are supposed to do.

    • Jan Mleziva

      It is a rule. I believe it is called zipper merger. One car from one lane, other car from the other lane and so on

    • Jay

      Uhh maybe because getting in front of the truck is not going to get you anywhere, so slow down instead of rushing to catch up to someones brake lights or to a red light. This move would have on saved him seconds in the long run. not worth it at all.

      • Neil Garratt

        I said I agree that the MINI driver was a dick I was just pointing out that the lorry driver accelerated to stop the mini overtaking – the Mini drivers reaction was appalling but the lorry driver could have not altered his speed in order to block a vehicle that wasn’t going to hold him up further down the road.

  • Bash

    what an idiot!

  • XZKL

    That kind of person who is already at fault and is even the one who gets mad about it. Typical.

  • europeon

    Well, the truck driver cut off the Mini, you can hear the horn at the 0:13 mark. Prolly it was a close call and it almost squished the Mini on the guard-rail.

    • Vassilis

      Many people honk because their ego is bruised. We all do it.

    • Jan Mleziva

      horn or not, this is a zipper merger rule. They might not have it in middle east or Caucasus but here in Europe it is your fault if you dont respect/know it…

      • europeon

        What? There is no such thing as a “zipper merge” rule, that is just a recommendation. When a lane ends it’s like changing direction, you have to give way to all other vehicles. It is polite to use the “zipper rule”, but you’re not obligated to do so. The mini had right of way, and most certainly the tuck almost forced the driver into the divider wall.

        I don’t know where you got your driver’s license, but you need to go back and study some more.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Napoleon syndrome in a tuna can sized car!

  • Erzhik

    How do some of you people pass your driving test? There is no stop sign and no yield sign, the truck driver was doing a zipper merge, which is what you are supposed to do. The only idiot here is the Mini driver.

  • dhoosee

    Norwegian Hipster-doofus! I (responsibly) drive a MINI, and guys like him make ME look bad!

  • vaybach khan

    Double yellow line passing to bully a semi, with mini…now that’s called big complex.

  • JoeMosely

    Violence is the only thing that makes sense.

  • 2Morrow

    Darwin award contestant.

  • salamOOn

    what a dumb clown…

  • ONE?

    …MINI ONE…?? (not Cooper?)

  • TheBelltower

    WTF was the mini driver thinking? Glad the semi driver had a camera.

  • psiqtas

    It’s not an Norwegian but some stupid asylum-seeker from Middle-East that drives like an D-bag…

  • Status

    You never break check anyone. Ever.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Wow. What a dick.