Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Morphing Into Production Model This Year

Mercedes-Benz are getting ready to unleash their first all-electric truck onto the market.

Based on the Urban eTruck study that debuted last year at the IAA, the production version was officially confirmed today, with the Germans already in talks with some 20 potential customers from the disposal, foodstuffs and logistics sector, who have shown interest in it.

“Following the world premiere in September 2016, at the International Commercial Vehicle Show, the customer reaction was outstanding. We are currently talking to around 20 potential customers from the disposal, foodstuffs, and logistics sector. With the small series, we are now rapidly taking the next step towards a series product“, commented the Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Stefan Buchner.

In order to better suit their needs, 18- and 25-ton versions of the eTruck will be launched and, depending on their applications, they will come with a refrigerated body, a dry box body, or a platform vehicle.

With a zero-emission range of up to 200 km (124 miles), gross vehicle weight rating of up to 25 tons, and a maximum payload of 12.8 tons, the first batch will be handed over to customers in Germany and throughout Europe later this year, to use for a period of 12 months. During this time, they will be supported by the Mercedes-Benz road-testing department.

Daimler’s truck division will also launch a global small series production of the light-duty electric truck Fuso eCanter, later in 2017. Roughly 150 units will be delivered to selected customers in Europe, Japan and USA.