2019 BMW 3-Series Filmed Practicing Its Moves On The Snow

BMW continues working on the next 3-Series, codenamed G20, with our spies filming early prototypes during cold-weather testing.

The new generation G20 of the 3-Series is based on BMW’s CLAR modular platform, which basically will become the go-to point for all future rear-drive BMWs as witnessed by the latest 7- and 5-Series.

This should allow the new 3-Series to lose some weight as well as making it more suitable for the latest generation of electrified powertrains.

The exterior design will certainly carry a lot of details from its bigger brothers but we learn that BMW is keen on giving the 3-Series a more dynamic visual character, which should mean at least a more distinctive face from the rest of the company’s four-door sedan range.

Interior quality is also expected to be significantly better, especially now that Mercedes seems to have really widened the gap with the C-Class, while several tech features from the upper segments are also going to find their way into the 2018 3-Series.

The European range will kick off with the three-cylinder 1.5-litre petrol and diesel units, targeting a sub-100g CO2 emissions score, with the rest of the range receiving a modest update for more power and better fuel efficiency. The North American lineup will start with the inline-four turbos.

There have been reports that the next M3/M4 will keep a straight six under the bonnet, only now the BMW M division will use the trick water injection and maybe even an electric supercharger to push the output over the 500hp mark.

As for the aforementioned electrified versions, expect to see at least two plug-in hybrids; the first one will combine the 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol with an electric motor while there’s also going to be a more powerful model with the 2.0-litre petrol and a more gutsy electric motor, following the same recipe with the current 330e model.

BMW is expected to reveal the G20 3-Series sometime in 2018, with plenty of variants to follow, including a sleeker 4-Series in two- and four-door bodystyles.


  • SteersUright

    The new 3-series needs to be SO much better than the current crap BMW has out that feels like RWD Camry’s. The e9x generation was still stiff, handled well, with decent steering feel. The e4x generation was the last true 3-series to imbue that hallmark handling and special inline-6 (non-turbo!) characteristics that came to define BMW. Today F2x gen of the 3-series are bloated, mushy, and lack that old precision feel. BMW’s 3-series should have aged much in the way of Porsche’s 911, given the devotion of so many hardcore fans ever since the e30 gen. Instead, they went corporate and mainstream. Im hoping this new generation corrects some of the character flaws of the current cars.
    Lets face it, even the new M-cars are so big and bloated. There really is no special BMW on sale today that piques my interest, not one. If I want comfort its S-class all day over any 7-series. If I want a high performance sports coupe, its Porsche all day over any BMW M car. If I want a performance sedan, again, Panamera over any poseur’s 6-series grand coupe. I used to stop by just to look at cars like m-coupe (clown shoe), e46 M3, e92 laguna edition, e39 M5… Don’t think I’ve had the urge to stop by a BMW dealership in almost 4 years. Nothing interesting to check out. My 2 cents!!

    • fgclolz

      I don’t think the 3/4 series are ever going back to their roots. They’re just gonna get bigger and softer, becoming more automated and taking as much of the controls away from the driver. If you live in Europe, you’re in luck to have the 1 series if you want something small and practical. But if you’re in the US, good luck! You can blame folks (particularly lazy millenials) who for the most part treat their cars like an appliance.

      • Keen

        M2 or M240 are still great, similer size and handling compare to e90 gen.

  • Jesse A. C. Majors

    The proportion alone gives me pause. The design language really needs to change. It’s becoming a dime a dozen on the streets in stature.

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