Autonomous Hyundai Ioniq Simulator Drives Into The Geneva Motor Show

Hyundai is allowing visitors at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show to experience a drive in an autonomous car at the stand through two virtual-reality cockpits. 

Coming to enlighten technology geeks from all over the world after being presented at the 2016 LA Auto Show, the actual Autonomous Ioniq concept that is being presented in a European premiere in Geneva is equipped with self-driving systems that are said to have been kept as simple as possible.

This was achieved by integrating existing functions from the production model, such as the forward-facing radar, smart cruise control, and Lane Keeping Assist cameras, and adding the LiDAR technology behind the front bumper, instead of using the typical roof-mounted approach, thus retaining the vehicle’s sleek design.

Additionally, the system also uses a GPS antenna that has the task of searching for the location of each vehicle, alongside high-definition mapping software that delivers pinpoint accuracy for location, road gradient, curvature, lane width and other data, while the Blind Spot Detection Radar allows for safe lane changes.

Hyundai claims that due to the added technology, the Autonomous Ioniq can drive itself through challenging situations safely, such as stop lights and signs, high levels of pedestrian traffic, road blocks, speed bumps, road construction sites, and so on.

The ultimate goal of the Korean automaker is coming up with a low-cost platform through extensive testing, developing, and refining its self-driving technologies, which will be affordable for the typical customer.


  • kachuks

    Looks like bumpers car… which I haven’t done in ages and are loads of fun.

    • fabri99

      Thanks to you, I know want an official FIA Bumpercars Championship.

  • OdysseyTag

    10 points to Hyundai for incorporating their sensors and cameras into the bodywork. Those Google Streetview-like roof mounts on most autonomous vehicles look ridiculous.

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