Bentley Could Move Production Outside Of Britain

Bentley chief executive Wolfgang Durheimer has revealed that the company could move production from Britain if required.

The British carmaker currently builds all of its vehicles in the central English town of Crewe but while speaking with Reuters, Durheimer said that important discussions are being held with British officials about the nation’s decision to leave the European Union.

“I have about nine to 12 months where I can wait and see what’s going to happen and then I need to take serious decisions. It’s all connected to future models.

“This gives us a bit of breathing space, and also the government, but then I need to have clear commitments,” Durheimer said.

Bentley, like many other automakers, is concerned about potential trade barriers that could be established after Brexit and says that it would consider building vehicles somewhere else.

“It’s the Britishness that makes us very unique but we know from… different car brands that this business is a very international one and before we would not produce any Bentleys anymore, we would produce them somewhere else,” Durheimer said.