Infiniti Goes Fast N’ Furious With F1-Style Q60 Black S Hybrid Concept

This is the new Infiniti Q60 Black S concept, which is set to make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Created to celebrate the technical collaboration between Infiniti and Renault’s F1 Team, the Infiniti Q60 Black S is powered by a combination of the twin-turbo 400hp 3.0-litre V6 and Renault’s F1-Style KERS motor generator, pushing the final output to a nice, round 500hp.

The unique powertrain was developed by both Infiniti and Renault engineers at the latter’s F1 engine headquarters in France. The F1-style motor generator is responsible for gathering energy from braking and exhaust gas heat, which is then stored in a lithium-ion battery pack. In the end, The energy is used to boost the petrol engine’s output and spin the turbochargers faster.

“We’re very serious about our involvement in F1,” said Tommaso Volpe, Infiniti’s director of global motorsport. “We want the Black S to be seen as the road-going embodiment of our technical partnership with Renault. We are developing the power unit now, a big challenge because our car is already tightly packaged. But indications of success are good.”

The body on the other hand has been subjected to a thorough redesign, featuring all new and super-aggressive front and rear bumpers, side skirts, air vents on the bonnet and front wings, big titanium tailpipes and of course that huge fixed rear wing. The wheels are also new and measure 21 inches in diameter. Overall the new bodywork is said to produce increased levels of real downforce, as you would expect from a project like this.

“This is a true ‘form follows function’ job that reflects the aesthetics of the Black S’s race-bred engineering”, said Mat Weaver, Infiniti’s European design director. “The carbon fibre components and the aerodynamic features fit well with the car’s high performance, and our partner’s racing heritage.”

There is still no official information about the concept out there, with the same report saying that Infiniti still hasn’t decided if the Q60 Black S will reach production or not.


  • Vassilis


    • Jay

      Yup another beauty like the Q50 Eau rouge as expected. Don’t get your hopes up everyone this ones most likely just a tease too..

      • Ken Lyns

        Most likely scenario is Infiniti’s bean counters figure the KERS powertrain will push the price above the GTR, so they stop…

  • RDS Alphard

    Black S sounds like Black Ass … but it looks sweet though

    • Craig

      And apparently it comes with a HUGE trunk.

  • ctk4949

    Nope!! To make it look 10000x better, just remove that stupid little hump on top of the front grille!!

    • Infinite1

      I agree 10000x with you. It looks ridiculous

  • Mike Gonzalez

    Dang!! As if the regular Q60 wasn’t stunning enough, this plays in a whole different league. I wonder if the engine will end up in a plausible Talisman RS or a radical Megane RS or better yet the new Alpine

  • Tumbi Mtika
  • Honda NSX-R

    Nice! Reminds me of the M4 GTS. It would be amazing to see a production version of this.

  • ErnieB

    Yes! The new Q60 looks great IRL.. this must look evil in person!

  • Benjamin B.

    Love the French-Japanese partnership. Bring more.

  • Major Lee Gassole
  • Big Black Duck

    Looks like Infiniti finally got the curves and creases right .. this looks amazing

  • SteersUright

    Powertrain: awesome. Now please wrap something nicer around this amazing powertrain, not this crap.

  • antbee

    This looks and sounds like it would be awesome IRL! I’ve always wanted an Infiniti Coupé, all the way back to the G35. Those can still turn my head to this day. We are getting an Infiniti dealership in my city, soon, so I will be down there asking all the questions, which most of the salespeople won’t know the answer… LOL!

  • Belthronding Tinuviel

    Looks way better than m4 gts

  • Rick Alexander

    With the exception of the engine, I see nothing here that isn’t possible to recreate in the real world. I love the looks of this design. The body enhancements are on the right side of aggressive, without being garish. The rear diffuser flows very nicely, with the rest of the cars design. Personally, I’d have blacked out the grill. Otherwise, this is a car they need on the showroom floor yesterday. Make mine metallic blue, and tell me where to sign!

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