The Latest Lincoln Continental Black Label Edition Is A Rhapsody In Blue

If a Lincoln is essentially a spruced-up Ford, we’re not sure quite what that would make the Black Label collection.

In addition to varied membership privileges (from free carwashes to concierge service), the Black Label treatment applies specialized color themes to a variety of Lincoln models.

The latest is called Rhapsody, and applies itself exclusively to the new Continental. Citing the latest trends in fashion, the Rhapsody edition Lincoln Continental Black Label is characterized by the color blue.

The hue is applied not only to the exterior paint in a deep tone, but throughout the interior as well. It features materials like Alcantara, supple leather, mesh, and shearling carpets in various shades of blue, giving the American luxury sedan a tranquil approach.

“We had so much inspiration, from all around us,” says Lincoln designer Marcia Salzberg. “We looked at the color of custom business suits, at nature, how day fades into night, how the sky gets so soft and velvety. We looked at our heritage, at Lincolns of the past – at how blue was such an important, signature color.”

Of course, if blue isn’t your thing, the Lincoln Motor Company offers a variety of other themes. The Continental is also available in Chalet and Thoroughbred themes, while other models (like the MKC, MKZ, and MKX) offer additional themes like Modern Heritage, Indulgence, and Center Stage.

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  • Six Thousand Times

    Still looks dumpy to me but I guess there’s virtue in a car for old people that looks like it was intended all along for old people.

    • Craig

      More people 75 years old – AND OLDER [let that sink in] buy more new vehicles than those who are 18 to 24 and from 25 to 34.

      • Six Thousand Times

        I don’t disagree. You’re only young for a short time and you’re old forever.

      • Status

        That’s the problem with this car and with Lincoln as a whole. They can’t get the wealthy young people under 30 interested in them at all. They can get the blue-collars under 30, but they only like Lincoln because of what Lincoln once was; before they were born.

        If Lincoln could only be cutting edge instead of obsessed with the past, then they wouldn’t have to rely on the over 70 set to provide revenue….and their terrible brand image.

        • Craig

          That’s not a problem. You tell me… would you rather get a check for $1M from an 70 year old or from a 30 year old?

          • Status

            Nobody 30 and under uses a cheque.

            More importantly, a 30 year old who can spend 1 million now will likely spend more in the future; they’ve already earned 1 million dollars before they were 30, so they likely know what they’re doing, and therefore will demand the best luxury cars money can buy, now and into the future.

            A retired 70 year old UAW line worker with 1 million dollars doesn’t impress me, and it shouldn’t for you…but that’s where Lincoln foolishly thinks the money is. Sustainability for luxury products is key, and 70 years aren’t sustainable or interested in cutting edge luxury cars. They just want big cars with crank windows and bench seats and things that remind them of the past.

            You tell me…would you rather drive a car that is just a memory of the past, or a car that is a symbol of your achievement as a millionaire 30 year old?

          • Craig

            Your argument is absolutely ridiculous. “….but that’s where Lincoln foolishly thinks the money is.” BUT THAT IS where the money is!

          • Status

            My argument holds more weight that yours as mine reflects the time we actually live in, not what we once lived in.

            If you think unskilled factory labourers get richer as they get older, you’re in a world of shock when you learn how many of them get government assistance.

            Where you think the money is, simply isn’t there. Blue-collar workers hardly ever retire with any disposable income….because they’re out of the workforce! That kind of fiscal tactic may have worked in the 1970’s, but it doesn’t work. You can’t just save and hope for the best decades from now.

            As for Lincoln, would it make more sense to look at one 70 year old man from Illinois with $80K to blow, or 100 Chinese millionaires children attending an American university? If you haven’t noticed, they have the money right now, and will likely continue to have money for the rest of their lives. They’re not going to wait until they’re 70 to get a luxury car, and nobody else should.

    • Benjamin B.

      I see more older people driving Toyotas and Lexii (not sure).

      • Six Thousand Times

        I think this will fill the void in the market left when Cadillac pulled the DTS.

  • Craig

    I think it’s very nice looking. But I don’t hear very much about it. I’ve never seen one. Is it selling well?

    • Six Thousand Times

      Apparently it is (for a big sedan. ) I’ve not seen any, either, though.

      • It’s one of those cars that gets a lot of media attention but you never see on the road. Are they trying to make it scarce so people want it more?

  • TheBelltower

    It’s a good looking car in person, but not exceptional. There are some very nice details. The front 2/3 of the car is very smart looking, but very similar to a cheaper MKZ. Those door handles are nicely integrated and eliminate the two visual boogers on the side of the car that designers hate. The rear design is the weakest part of the exterior. It’s so bad, that it looks more suited for a junkyard than a driveway of a waterfront home. The interior is way too conventional and ordinary.

    • Astonman

      For me, it’s the opposite. I wished the front end was at least 8″longer to give a longer hood. Volvo was able to do it with its new S90. I saw one at the show room the other day and it was a metallic copper brown and it looked phenomenal. And I hate brown. I also liked the interior with light touches of chrome. There is a segment out there that don’t want sporty riding car but a luxury cruiser. I think this care will hit that spot.

  • dumblikeyou2

    FINALLY seeing this on the road, as livery cabs only, base wheels, black. It doesn’t look impressive at all. And it certainly doesn’t stand out as luxury car.

  • ediotsavant

    Lincoln needs to do something with that front end. Looks very sad.

  • Benjamin B.

    Not blue suede, but it’s close enough. Very classy.

    • Mr_Fanta_Pants

      Alcantara = man made suede. So it’s pretty close ?

  • Felipe Politano

    No, it’s not a spruced up Ford. We don’t see the media headlining Audi news with “spruced up VW” or even Acura, which offers blatantly rewarmed Civics and Accords, with “spruced up Honda”.

    The Continental, MKC and MKX all have Ford-base counterparts, but they’re successfully differentiated enough so no to be called “spruced up” Fords. Lincoln as a brand still has got a long way to go, but the media perception is one of their main obstacles.

  • Galaxium

    Every aspect of this car is boring and vanilla. Looks like a 2010 Taurus.

  • john1168

    NICE interior! I like the blue. The exterior of the car looks nice but it’s not for me. Nice paint!

  • BlackPegasus

    Looks dated.
    Thus far, I’ve seen these cars zipping around in Livery service. So much potential was lost with its final design. Lincoln’s big “comeback” has hereby been postponed until further notice. ?

  • KidRed

    Gross. Horrible resale value.

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