Well That’s Embarrassing: Former F1 Driver Has Her License Revoked

Life isn’t fair. You spend your whole life learning how to drive fast, but when you do, you get punished.

That’s what’s happened to one Susie Wolff, who has reportedly had her license revoked in the UK for speeding, according to a report published by AutoWeek.

Never heard of Susie? Née Stoddart, she’s the wife of Mercedes racing chief Toto Wolff, but has had a distinguished career in her own right. The Scottish driver competed in Formula Three and DTM before signing as a development driver for the Williams F1 team.

She became the first woman to participate in an F1 grand prix weekend when she drove in the British Grand Prix practice session in 2014 – a task she repeated at the subsequent German Grand Prix and at the Spanish and British races the next year as well. She retired at the end of 2015, and has since been serving as a television commentator and brand ambassador for Mercedes, among other roles.

Apparently she’s been having some trouble transitioning from racing driver to regular motorist, though. She reportedly accrued demerit points on two occasions, and on the third was caught driving all of 35 miles per hour… in a 30 zone.

Despite her protests that the revocation of her driver’s license would have a detrimental impact on her charity work, the judge handed her a six-month suspension. So not only will she not be driving on the track anymore (at least not competitively), but she won’t be allowed to drive on public roadways, either.

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  • Six_Tymes

    an awesome race car driver, an awesome person. the judge in her case is a d-bag. he sounds like a fraud.

  • The Watcher

    Got license revoked for doing 35 on a 30? Defaq is wrong with you people?

    • Smith

      You probably need all the facts before making a judgement. Got license revoked for 3 offenses, not just the one, 3 times not just a 35 in a 30.

      • Vassilis

        Yeah and probably the other two were just as stupid.

  • Christopher Sansom

    30 is usually in Town or a built up area, never go over 30. 40 50 70 that’s another matter

  • Maricaibo

    35 in a 30!?!?! Does the town make all their $$ from traffic violations?

    • Smith

      It did not say anything about money or fines. She was caught 3 times and on the third one her license was revoked. I do not see the issue here, just because of who she is, she should get special treatment, NO WAY!

      • Vassilis

        She shouldn’t get special treatment for who she is, no. Some rationale should be used in all driving offences though. I doubt everyone follows the speed limit at all times.

  • Dennis James

    6 months suspension for driving at 35 mph in a 30 zone ? Nuts 🙂

    • Smith

      No, 6 month suspension for a third offense. Quite reasonable really.

  • Tumbi Mtika



    • Smith

      Yes, Really

      • Tumbi Mtika


  • That’s stupid. Question can the judges give like we have in France, what we call a white license? Meaning you are allowed to drive to work and from work. And at work if your work consist of driving. Goes with a nice fine of course. But it made to stop people driving without a license (dosen’t really work considering the number of people caught every year without one).

    • Benjamin B.

      We have provisional licenses here in California. My uncle is legally blind. He drives a Ford Mustang GT/”5.0″ fox body to work and back.

      • Zed68

        “My uncle is legally blind. He drives a Ford Mustang GT/”5.0″ fox body to work and back.”..
        What ???

    • brn

      Yes, it’s not uncommon for those that have been convicted of drinking and driving.

  • More Information Needed

    Is their more of a backstory here? Was she rude or arrogant to the officer? Was she habitually speeding in this area and police were done with letting her go with a warning?

  • I,m sure this problem will be resolved soon , think positive .

  • Harry_Wild

    Diving 35 mph in a 30 mile zone and got license suspended for doing so! LOL!

  • There really is nothing wrong with this. The judge is not a ‘d-bag’, or anything else for that mater. Ultimately the speed limit is there to protect peoples lives. 30-35 is irrelevant. Third strike and you should expect some kind of punishment.

    And really, doing charity work allows you to speed?!