Cars & Coffee Dodge Charger Showoff Slapped With Felony Charges

A driver leaving a Cars and Coffee event in Tennessee is facing some serious charges after he was filmed nearly hitting several onlookers.

According to the Franklin Police, 19-year-old Tahj Turnley is looking at a felony charge of reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon after he sped out of the event and nearly lost control of his Dodge Charger. As the police explained, “Turnley is seen driving with total disregard for the safety of bystanders, many of whom had to take evasive action to avoid being run over.”

Police used the video to help find Turnley who is currently free on a $5,500 bond. He has a court date scheduled for May 4th and could be facing up to 15 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000 according to Stan Bennett Law. Even if the charges are reduced to a misdemeanor of reckless endangerment, Turnley could still be facing up to 11 months and 29 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,500.

Regardless of the outcome of the case, events such as this have become a major problem and happen all too often. Thankfully, no one was injured this time around.

H/T to Jalopnik!


  • TrevP

    Are all the mustang drivers being charged with the same thing?

    • Dennis James

      No, because those are accepted as daily routine.

      • Jay

        Lol and in other news the person recording the video was also charged with a vertical video felony.

        • Tumbi Mtika


          • Jay

            Fixed 🙂 even though everyone knew what I meant lol

    • brn

      Oh good, Mustang jokes. That’s not old yet. /s

  • brn

    Normally, I’m in favor of charging someone for driving with disregard for the safety of those around them. However, in this case, it’s exactly what the crowd wanted and they expected it.

    A simple ticket should suffice.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      An example is ALWAYS gonna be made of SOMEONE…this dork just picked the day. Site them for poor driving skills too. And while we’re at it, poor taste in cars. :p)

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I’ve held off on this for a while now, but *sigh*…

    • Astonman

      loved it! Thanks for the share

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Something, something, MUSCLE CAR.

  • Infinite1

    Yet another retard “busting a Mustang” leaving out of cars and coffee. I do notice that they’re always flooring it when turning out of an event, I guess to make their tires scratch or some dumb move.

  • Spyderdrifter

    Why can’t more of these idiots get charged?

  • It’s pretty messed up that we live in a society now where people get criminally charged for every little minor incident. Can you imagine if it had been like this in the past. Hot rods would not have existed, tons of racing and auto innovations we now have would have never happened.

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