Dealers Say They Can’t Keep Up With BMW 5-Series Demand

U.S. BMW dealerships are calling to have more 5-Series models delivered on the back of high demand for the new model.

According to the head of BMW Group Region Americas, Ludwig Willisch, there were just 200 unsold examples of the new 5-Series in dealerships this week despite approximately 2,000 being pre-ordered by customers.

“So it’s a scarce species. Was it really expected to be that low? I don’t think so, but it’s one of the nicer problems to have,” he said.

The executive vice president of operations for Sonic Automotive Inc, which operates 15 BMW stores in the U.S., Jeff Dyke, said that they only have a 15-day supply of the new 5-Series and that they “need more.”

According to Automotive News, a number of members from various forums have discussed the shortage with BMW executives. The German firm has said that it is monitoring the situation but remaining wary of not oversupplying dealers with the model. If it were to do so, incentives and discounts would have to be applied to shift units.

As it stands, BMW is looking to rid dealers of the previous-generation 5-Series as quickly as possible. In January, average incentives on the model reached to $11,005, but fell to $6,284 in March.


  • nastinupe

    The new 5 Series is a very handsome car. And with the Audi A6 getting long in the tooth (although still a very attractive vehicle) and the new Mercedes E Class being a little underwhelming and the Lexus GS and Infiniti M45 (I don’t know the new name, Q60?) also being older models the 5 Series is in a great position to dominate the segment. Especially if people don’t pay attention to the Genesis G80 Sport. Jaguar came out with a new XF but nobody cared. It’s like mid sized luxury sedans are dying out and being replaced by midsize SUV’s.

    • John

      don’t like the connected headlight and grill… otherwise it looks pretty good all around.

    • Merc1

      How is the E-Class underwhelming?


      • nastinupe

        Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but its not really selling like hot cakes. The S Class tanks in value so much that by the time the E Class was released a lot of people are picking up certified S Classes for the same price as new E Classes. People just don’t seem to be clamoring to buy one.

        • Silimarina

          What are you talking about?Mercedes has 150K+ cars sold over BMW in the first 3 months of 2017

          • nastinupe

            We are talking about one car. The E Class. Not every car that Mercedes makes. Your comparison is void here. Look. My post of the E Class sales settles it. The sales are down for the E Class. Period.

        • Merc1

          In what market is it not selling? You have the sales figures to show how well it is or isn’t selling and compared to what? I don’t think you actually know anything about how it’s selling.


          • nastinupe

            Look at the 2014 (refresh year) numbers compared to the 2017 numbers. They are already down.


          • pcurve

            Ooh that’s bad…

          • Kash

            as of right now in America, the E-class has sold 11.8k units, the 5 is only at 6.6k units. The E-class is outselling the 5 at almost 2:1.


          • nastinupe

            You do realize that the new 5 series has only been on the market for a month right?

          • Kash

            I thought it had been longer, but looking at just March 2017 E-class sold 4,510 and the 5 Series sold 3,161. We can revisit this after the 1st of the month but I’m willing to bet it’ll be similar numbers.

      • Six_Tymes

        I know right? E class “underwhelming”

        most posters just like to post impressive sounding negative terms, makes them feel important.

        • nastinupe

          Carscoops reminds you guys why you’re wrong with this latest post. Mercedes sales are down in general across the board. That’s what I am talking about. Especially with the E Class, which was expected to do better than it is. I never said that BMW is outselling Mercedes. I said that the E Class isn’t selling as well because buyers are underwhelmed with the revision.

  • John

    can’t keep up with demand because it’s a new model….

  • Merc1

    What BS. Dealers here have plenty of them.


  • Last Generation Languishing

    While the pre-owned 2016 and older 5 Series models languish on dealer lots.

  • Kagan

    I have always been a car wacky anf bmw a favourite aftet mercedes but I still haven’t seen the new 5 or even the new e-class in close. In pictures the new 5 ain’t interesting.

    • Kash

      In person it ain’t much better, the E-class isn’t anything to catch your attention but very nice and the design will age really well, i wouldn’t be surprised to see people holding onto the new E for a few years, unlike the new 5’s which has one of the highest first year sale rates on the market…

  • Christian Wimmer

    The new 5er (and E-Class) are cars which you have to see in the flesh to appreciate.

    When I first saw the press photos for both cars I wasn’t exactly thrilled. But once I encountered these cars on the street, in the Mercedes dealership or at BMW Welt, their handsome, elegant and understated design does make an impression on you.

    The new 5er is beautiful. Wait until you see it in the flesh! 😉

    And at the end of the day design is subjective. 🙂

  • TheBelltower

    It’s not the most unique design in the world. But it’s effortlessly smart looking. I like it.

  • Kash

    That’s weird because there’s 11 of them on the lot of my local BMW dealer right now and another 3 at the other dealership in town.

    Edit: and a whopping 46 at BMW of Beverly Hills,

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